Okay, I Admit It. I Hate College.

Okay, I Admit It. I Hate College.

The best 4 years of your life? More like the WORST 4 years of your life!

I remember those days back in high school when I looked forward to going to college. In fact, it was all I talked about most of the time. For some reason, I was stupid enough to believe that my college years would be some of the happiest years of my life (I sure thought wrong on that one) and that I would be surrounded by some mature, determined young people who are ready to prepare for the real world (I guess I thought wrong on that one too). Now as a third-year college student, I have began to hate college. Why do I hate college? Well, let's just say that there are several reasons. I will break them all down for you.

I hate college because the workload can get overwhelming at times, especially after midterms. I know that all too well because for the past couple semesters, I had to take 18 credits due to changing my major and failing a class (that statistics course was my worst nightmare and I'm currently retaking it this semester. Fortunately, my overall grade in that class so far is an A-. Hopefully is stays in the A-B range). Anyway, the overwhelming workload is even worse for someone taking anything over 17 credits. On the bright side, it is all worth it because last semester and the semester before, I ended up getting As and Bs in my classes.

I hate college because some professors get snippy if you don't understand something. In my opinion, that's just disrespectful. If someone doesn't understand how to do something, then they don't understand how to do it. It's the professor's job to talk to those who don't understand the material before class, after class, or during office hours. I mean, come on. Why make someone feel stupid about it?

I hate college because some people are snobby, immature, and care more about drinking than being considerate or courteous towards others. In fact, people like this make me even more stressed out than I have to be. I try to ignore people like that, but sometimes it's hard. Don't even get me started on people who talk too loud in the library (whatever happened to the famous "be quiet in the library" rule?)

I hate college because it is way too expensive. Why does it have to cost so much to prepare to get a good job? It's kind of silly if you ask me.

Now that I have broken down all the things that make me hate college so much, I have to say that I don't have to put up with it much longer because after this semester, I only have one more year left. I may hate college and college life, but after I graduate in May of 2018 and get a job in my area of study, I will look back and realize that college was worth it.

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Thoughts About A 21st Birthday

Turning twenty-one has its pros and cons.

In life, we all have the "useless" birthdays. These birthdays are nothing but a celebration of turning another year older. This is kind of how I felt last year when, in February, I became twenty. But twenty-one is considered a milestone, especially for American youth. In the long run, how unique is gaining another responsibility?

I only question this, and slightly dread it, because there is more that comes with being twenty-one. For myself, a female, being this old means I am required to receive Pap smears in South Carolina, a procedure I do not like in the least. If you don't know what this is, well, they put a plastic thing inside you to open the region up and check the cervix for cancer. It isn't pleasant for me for multiple reasons.

But, back to what everyone knows about this age: drinking and the ability to purchase whatever kind you like.

I will probably enjoy being able to drink here. Thing is: I've had alcohol before. In Europe and Mexico, everything is a bit more relaxed, and it is indeed an excellent experience to learn what wine tastes like, or alcohol in general, and how to be a responsible drinker. Have I snuck some vodka in a tea before while on a trip? Yeah, and it was good. So, in hindsight, I've already had a taste of that part. But I'm celebrating regardless of experience.

Also, I'm going to be happy to be twenty for the next little bit. Do I know what I'm doing with my life? Not necessarily. And it will be a while until I do. But that is the point of being at this stage. And another year won't change that.

Yeah, I'm happy it is coming up, and that I get to see my friends and family, but I have only lived a short part of my life. More milestones will top this one, and they might not even be birthdays. But I'm still glad to be able to celebrate with those I love.

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10 Thoughts A College Senior Will Have In An All-Freshman Class

Why do they look 25 and I look 12?

Being 22 and sitting next to 18 year olds is an interesting feeling when it comes to being in a freshman level class. While you're questioning your sanity, so are the little freshman around you as they ask you what you are even doing there. Here is a list of 10 things a college senior thinks to themselves as they sit in a sea of freshman.

1. What am I doing here?

Still not sure why I chose to take this class.

2. Why did I wait this long to take this class?

Why didn't i just take this class freshman year like a normal student? Oh yeah, procrastination.

3. Why does my advisor hate me?

Why didn't my advisor tell me I needed this class to graduate? Do they really hate me that much? LMK

4. Is my TA the same age as me?

I'd bet $10 my teaching assistant and I are the same age. Hell, I might even be older.

5. Why do the freshman look scared of me?

When they look like you like you have 9 heads or snakes for hair.

6. Why do these freshman look older than me?

Why do I look 12 and they look 25?

7. If I don’t get an A, I’ll cry.

I'm a senior taking a 1,000 level class. If I cant pass this class i needed to drop out like yesterday.

8. I need a drink.

I need a drink and guess what i'm the only one who can legally have a drink in the room.

9. I can’t even think the boys in my class are cute because they're so young.

The fact that there is a 4 year age difference is like me dating my little brother and that's just weird.

10. This is the only class keeping me from graduating; let’s ride.

Maybe i'll just pack wine in my swell bottle to make it through the year. Graduation here I come.

These are thoughts I have everyday as i sit in my freshman baby biology class. Two weeks down, a hell of a lot more to go. Wish me luck people.

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