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It Is Perfectly OK To Be Imperfect

We can't always be right about everything. Even the things we think we know are sometimes not right and that's OK.

Taylor Caponigro

Growing up I learned right from wrong pretty quickly. It would be wrong to touch a hot stove or walk across the street without looking both ways. It would be right to say my manners and clean my room. Being wrong meant doing something because I knew it was wrong and decided to do it anyways. It meant making a choice to do something inexcusable.

But now, being wrong isn't a choice I make. It's something that happens as a part of going through life. It's OK to be wrong it's OK to make mistakes.

We are all imperfect and that's just perfect.

I look to my imperfections now as perfections and so should you. No two perfections are quite the same just as no two imperfections are the same. We all have these little parts of us that differentiate us from others. Some imperfections are similar to others and some perfections are similar to others, but none the exact same. Everyone is always worried about the "perfect" world they hope to live in. If it's not perfect or part of their perfect plan, they don't want it.

Why can't imperfect be perfect? Why can't the fact that things fall out of place and go a different route be perfect? Stop living your life based on the perfect image. NOTHING IS PERFECT and the more you pretend that it's possible to live in a perfect world the more imperfect your world will become. If you let the image of perfect stop you from being happy when little things go wrong then you surely will live a life not feeling absolutely right.

Embrace the imperfections that bind who you are. Take note of the imperfections that set you apart from others and start letting the image of imperfect sink in. Perfect is such a silly word if we really think about it because we usually use it to describe others. To call someone perfect without even knowing them is ignorant. We all see imperfections in ourselves and it's okay to be aware that they exist. NO ONE IS PERFECT.

We are all imperfectly perfect and that's the way it should be! It's okay to not have the best car, biggest house, most expensive clothes or the most adventurous travel experience. We can't have it all perfectly, but we can imperfectly have it all. So stop stressing about perfect... it doesn't exist. Real imperfections do. Love them and they will love you too.

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