Hey OJ. Look, I know you're busy being a con artist, and having to keep up with the many lies you have managed to tell throughout your lifetime. But I just wanted to take the time to tell you congratulations. I mean, you made parole, that's a huge deal.

You know my favorite thing? The minute you got out it was trending on twitter. And guess what. Race was a huge factor. "White people will say he's a murderer", "Black's all across America are jumping for joy", "People are upset that OJ is out on parole, but not upset about all these white cops killing black men". What. Why is race the automatic card thrown? Like seriously? This is what causes the racial divide in America. Many people must not realize that it's not a racial thing. It's a moral and humane thing. C'mon.

Congrats for apparently being one of the greatest football players to ever play.

I wouldn't know because I wasn't alive when you were playing, and I don't care that much to look up all of your records and your highlights.

Congrats on being one of the only men to successfully beat the crap out of his wife on numerous occasions and get away with it.

You know, I'm not what some would call an "expert". However, I feel it takes a real man to be able to beat up on a woman to feel like you're the superior one. Seems to me like the "juice" took a real toll on you. That and your anger issues cause you to have the reputation of a woman beater.

Congrats on managing to serve your nine long years in prison.

How diplomatic of you to be able to serve your time and cause no troubles and still make it a winning game that you were the "best inmate of that prison". It must be so tough to be away from your family for nine long years. It must've been so tough to not get to hug your babies, and kiss them goodnight, and tell them you love them. You know, I bet that's what Nicole would say too if she could. Because you took that from her. Not only that, but you took a mother away from her babies. They didn't get to have the most important years together. Because of you. All because she was leaving you and she was done you. You just couldn't handle that could you? No, because the juice never gets rejected.

Congrats on getting away with murder.

It must be such a hard act to keep up. It must be so hard to remember all of the lies and details. Good thing for you is you were acquitted. So no questions are ever asked in a courtroom, or anywhere for that matter because you're "Juice" and apparently that means something to people? I don't know, that's funny to me. But not only did you kill your wife, but you also killed an innocent bystander who was only returning her a pair of glasses. Ron Goldman, in case anybody forgot about him as well.

So see, OJ, what you have done is completely unforgivable in my book. I wasn't alive during the time of the murder, or the trial. However, I have watched many documentaries. Enough to know that you're a liar, and that you got away with murder. And that your defense team, mainly Johnnie Cochran, helped out out majorly with the "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" bull crap.

And this whole "armed robbery" situation that you claimed you were innocent in, good job. Do I believe people deserve second chances? Yes. Do I believe you deserve a second chance? No. Absolutely not.

You're a really good actor to many people, apparently. But to me, I see right through it. You make me sick. But congrats to your many accomplishments in life.