If Ohio Universities Were 'Harry Potter' Characters

If Ohio Universities Were 'Harry Potter' Characters

10 Ohio universities classified as Harry Potter characters based on student life, population, graduation rate, and general stereotypes.

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Most people want to know what house they belong to, but here you can check out which character represents your Ohio college!

Harry Potter : Ohio State University 

Potter is cocky, athletic, and THE chosen one. People love him, hate him, and want to be him.

Ron Weasley: University of Cincinnati 

Ron is Harry’s sidekick and never lives up to him.

Hermione Granger: Case Western Reserve University

Hermione is nerdy, pretentious, and under appreciated.

Draco Malfoy: Miami University

Draco is also pretentious, and snobby for no other reason than his parents are rich.

Seamus Finnegan: Ohio University 

Everything Seamus does backfires.

Dudley Dursley: Kent State

Dudley is an idiot.

Dobby: Akron University 

Dobby speaks in simple sentences and is a simple creature.

Rubeus Hagrid: Cleveland State University

Hagrid didn’t finish school much like 60% of Cleveland State’s students.

Gringotts goblins: Hiram 

The goblins are small much like a 1,200 student population.

(Movie) Ginny Weasley: Youngstown 

Movie Ginny has no personality.

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