Most people want to know what house they belong to, but here you can check out which character represents your Ohio college!

Harry Potter : Ohio State University 

Potter is cocky, athletic, and THE chosen one. People love him, hate him, and want to be him.

Ron Weasley: University of Cincinnati 

Ron is Harry’s sidekick and never lives up to him.

Hermione Granger: Case Western Reserve University

Hermione is nerdy, pretentious, and under appreciated.

Draco Malfoy: Miami University

Draco is also pretentious, and snobby for no other reason than his parents are rich.

Seamus Finnegan: Ohio University 

Everything Seamus does backfires.

Dudley Dursley: Kent State

Dudley is an idiot.

Dobby: Akron University 

Dobby speaks in simple sentences and is a simple creature.

Rubeus Hagrid: Cleveland State University

Hagrid didn’t finish school much like 60% of Cleveland State’s students.

Gringotts goblins: Hiram 

The goblins are small much like a 1,200 student population.

(Movie) Ginny Weasley: Youngstown 

Movie Ginny has no personality.