Hey High School Seniors, Ohio State Is The Move
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Student Life

Hey High School Seniors, Ohio State Is The Move

I think it's time that you finally do something for yourself...

Hey High School Seniors, Ohio State Is The Move
Olivia Albert

You've finished up your college applications. The decisions are slowly rolling in. Yet, the hardest decision is picking which school to spend your next 4 years. Well, this is important, and you should pick what's best for you...but there's no way you could go wrong with THE Ohio State University.

These are just a few of the many reasons why OSU is the place for you.

1. Buckeye Nation is the best family

Sure. Every school has its traditions and its fans. But, they are nothing compared to Buckeyes. "Carmen Ohio" is sung at just about every university-sponsored event (and always with great pride.) There is an automatic bond between students and it shows. This is really nice for freshmen as it makes you feel welcome immediately. Also, alumni are extremely committed. There is nothing like seeing tons and tons of families and old friends pour into Ohio Stadium every football season. Not to mention, if you are ever feeling lonely, you're guaranteed to get a response if you yell "O-H-" from any spot on campus.

2. Campus is beautiful

From Mirror Lake to the Ovals to the incredible architecture, the campus is absolutely beautiful. For as many academic buildings are there are, there is still a ton of green space. There are tons of places on campus to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just take in the view.

3. On-campus food is ACTUALLY good

Who'd thunk it? There are millions of options on campus, so you'll get sick of sucky dining hall food. All options on campus are covered by the meal plan and most places on High Street take BuckID, so if you're really craving something, you can literally go anywhere and not have to spend your own money. Traditions, Curl Market, Sloopy's, Union Market - the possibilities are endless.

4. Everywhere you turn, there are dogs

Seriously, they're EVERYWHERE. There are always events where they bring in therapy dogs. Even better, there are millions of puppies being trained to become guide dogs. If you ask nicely, most times you can pet them and get a dose of puppy love.

5. The library makes me WANT to study

I can not stress it enough: THOMPSON LIBRARY IS GORGEOUS. With 11 floors of study spaces, open and closed, it is the perfect place to get to work. The architecture is actually amazing, with tons of windows and different spaces to accommodate everyone's favorite studying conditions. Yeah, yeah. I know there are other libraries. But my heart lies with Thompson.

6. OUAB events are awesome

OUAB honestly has all the hookups. They bring in your favorite speakers and performers. Seriously, there must be a different event every week. On top of that, they put on Flicks for Free every Wednesday and Friday where they show the latest blockbusters and provide popcorn and drinks. Also, they host the Welcome Back and Spring Concerts. And the best part? It's all FREE!

7. You will actually LIKE going to the gym

The main gym, the RPAC, is GIGANTIC. It has many different types of courts, pools, equipment - if you can think of it, the RPAC has it. They have tons of free workout classes that are really nice; they are challenging, but refreshing and something new for when you get sick of the treadmill. They also have an awesome smoothie bar and cafe to pick up some grub after a workout. Besides the RPAC, there are tons of other gyms and spots to sweat it out in between classes.

8. The Short North has got it all

Isabel Hall

The Short North is one of my favorite spots in Columbus. Actually, I don't even think I would classify it as a "spot" with all of its diverse options! The Short North, located between OSU and downtown Columbus, is trendy and always changing. There are tons of delicious restaurants, shops, and experiences. It is also home to North Market, my favorite place! North Market is two-story heaven of all different kinds of vendors. There is an option for everyone in the Short North!

9. There are so many fricking people

Seriously, there are a ton of people. I know that might be a turn off for people, but as a girl from a high school graduating class of 160 kids, it is really refreshing. There are so many new people to meet (my little extrovert heart cannot take it!) Also, that small-town gossip is eliminated and you are free to do what you want without fear of backlash. If you totally embarrass yourself in front of someone, you'll probably never see them again! Yet...

10. Campus seems smaller than it actually is

There are a ton of people, but once you get into your major and your own routine, you'll find your people. You'll have smaller classes with the same people. You'll see the same person every Tuesday when you walk past Mirror Lake. It's nice to have that safety cushion of seeing familiar faces, even when you are relishing your new freedom.

11. We're better than Michigan...duh

I mean...that is obvious.

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