Everyone loves a cute animal right? Dogs, cats, bunnies, whatever it may be if it is furry, everyone loves it. Sure the idea of having a cute furry pet is wonderful, but reality not so much. Pets are a lot of work, time and money.

Let’s narrow down pets to a dog. A cute little dog. Possibly a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix named Toby. He is adorable, but behind those big dark brown eyes is a puppy filled with energy and puppy madness. First comes the talk asking if getting a puppy in the house would be okay. Is it okay to have a loving fur ball in the house whom I can cuddle with? Of course, it’s okay! I mean really, how great does that sound? As I mentioned everyone loves a puppy.

But then what happens when the puppy grows up a bit? What happens when the puppy starts biting everything and everyone? What happens when a girl is simply trying to eat and the little furry ball is attacking you? What happens when the little guy needs to go to the bathroom?

Ah, the bathroom. This is a big one, potty training. Most young people do not really consider all the small, but extremely necessary lessons one needs to teach a puppy. Oh and another thing is puppies do not listen, I mean hello they are puppies. So repeatedly, you attempt to teach the adorable little fur ball he/she needs to go outside to go to the bathroom, or maybe like in my case, needs to go on the pee-pad and repeatedly you walk into your living room or bedroom and there are accidents EVERYWHERE. Yeah, they look cute, but boy do they not know how to listen. So then what? Well, more research on how to teach a puppy to follow instructions, follow life necessities. Then again and again, you try until finally the puppy gets it. Now this day is one of the best days you have seen in a while. You would not believe the amount of excitement you will experience on this day. Such a wonderful day.

Then comes the barking and whining. You know as cute as they are sometimes you just want a moment alone. A moment just to sit on your couch and think about all the responsibilities you have to do while you are in fact still on the couch. On the couch without a puppy jumping on top of you might I add. Then comes the biting. Biting of everything and everyone. Chew toys? Nah, your fingers taste better. This is a constant struggle dealing with puppies, because of course they are puppies and they just want to play.

So with getting a puppy you get to experience the struggle of potty training, constant loud annoying barking and whining, and chewing on your poor fingers. But then again you also get to experience the happiness of knowing you FINALLY potty trained the cutest little dog, or the love you feel when the dog is whining because it just wants to be loved by you, just wants attention. And yes, the puppy treats your fingers like chew toys and barks are noises on the street, but their face is just so cute when they are doing it. They are just so cute when they are doing it. You just cannot get enough. Those big dark brown eyes looking up at you and you thinking, “You are such a hassle, but I don’t trade you for the world.”