Oh How It Is The Best Time Of The Year
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Oh How It Is The Best Time Of The Year

Get ready for a magical two months!

Oh How It Is The Best Time Of The Year

Here we all lived through the season of creepy Halloween. Where people in creepy masks start walking very close to you, and you are feeling like you are getting to get eaten alive. No longer are we the little kids that can walk around the streets at 8pm and go collect pillowcases full of candy. Instead, it is a very scary holiday, but, hey, it’s finally over! Now, as of November first, it is time for the happiest time of the year, which means that the Christmas Season is upon us.

Red Starbucks cups, twinkly lights, the smell of fresh baked apple pie with spices and a slight smell of pine all make for the best time of the year to be the happiest. With family members gathering around that you don’t see for a very long time and eating homemade food that really doesn’t exist in college, this season tops them all. There is something about family and friends all home that makes the wait for the end of the year so exciting.

Shopping in big cities when you walk into a store and they hand you apple cider and cookies while you browse with Christmas music in the background. Then you see Santa walking by in the window. Nothing really beats shopping with boots on in the snowy wintertime… that is if we get snow.

The one part of the holiday season that is the best is cuddling up on the couch with tons of blanket on, fuzzy socks, flannel pjs, and hot chocolate (with lots of homemade whipped cream, marshmallows, and a candy cane of course) while watching all sorts of Christmas cartoons and movies. The classics of course, as well as the poorly made, but still cute, Hallmark Christmas movies.

Oh, how there are so many great things about the wintertime, like hot chocolate, movies, shopping, food and family. Though the best feeling is waking up early Christmas morning like you are still a little kid. You had to go to bed early the night before from the Christmas Eve party and a whole day of prepping for Christmas dinner baking and cooking getting ready for the next day. Making cut out sugar cookies and decorating them with all different colors of frosting and sprinkles. Making them also too good to even eat, though when a glass of milk sits in front of you, you can't resist eating one cookie, or eight.

Personally, the cooking and baking part is my favorite part because of all the traditional foods that are a staple in my family. I have taken over doing Christmas dinner with my mom and dad, and now my grandma sits back and relaxes because she has put in so much time all the years before. Which now means I am the one who takes over all the baking, including the famous family blackberry pie.

Every Christmas we have those traditions that rarely change from the schedule, including the wake-up time on Christmas Day. Even at the age of 19 and my brother 23, we still wake up at the crack of dawn and, yes, at 6 in the morning we get up, before the sun has even come out, to open presents. Just like we were little kids I wake up, wake him up, then we both get our mom and dad. Running down to the family room where the tree is at, and my dad first having to start his pot of coffee. We begin with the stockings, of course, and then move on to the rest of the presents under the tree. Afterward, mom and dad open their presents, followed by a family walk with the pup, and then we wait for the family to arrive and begin the rest of the cooking.

So on that note, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with your family and friends! Here’s to the best two months of the year!

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