Real Talk, High School Is Really The WORST 4 Years Of Your Life

Real Talk, High School Is Really The WORST 4 Years Of Your Life

Oh, how I despised high school.

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I hated high school. I believe a lot of people can agree with me on this, but I know for sure that I, personally, did not like it. It seems that every aspect of it was just unbearable in every way (when looking back), and I feel so accomplished having survived it. Don't get me wrong, there have been sometimes in high school that I absolutely loved, and some people whom I loved spending time with, but I would never ever choose to repeat high school.

People are so fake. Having to see the same people every day, it tends to get really fake towards junior and senior year when you can't stand some people but have to pretend you do just because you see them on the daily. This was the worst. People would act nice to your face but then go say some nasty things behind your back. It was tolerable junior year just because there were SATs, AP classes, and the daunting stress of college applications to worry about, but senior year it was a not-to-mess-with zone. At this point in high school, people are not willing to deal with anyone they do not like so people just stick to their small group of friends until graduation and have very few interactions with anyone they did not like. This was possibly the worst part of high school because you were surrounded by people that didn't even really care, or were really fake in general. At this point, the sole objective was to make it to graduation without causing drama. Or more drama than there already was, anyway.

The workload is unbearable. It got so bad sometimes, especially when I would have tests in 4 of my classes the next day, that I would just fake being sick so that I could take an extra day to study. The teachers all subconsciously seemed to decide to schedule tests on the same day which would stress all the students out to the point where mental breakdowns became a norm. The high school education system is always criticized for how daunting and stressful it is, but experiencing it firsthand was the only way to understand how true that is.

And of course, SATs. This standardized test was just an addition to the already loads of work given in AP and honors classes in school. Students would stay up until 4 a.m. studying for the SATs while also trying to cram in information for tests in school the next day. There was no time to focus on mental or physical health, very little time to sleep, and a regulated diet was not even in the equation. (Just thinking about how stressful that was gave me added stress even though I am no longer in high school.)

The pressure my parents put on me was unreasonable. My parents are very loving and kind people, but sometimes I just could not stand the fact that they would constantly remind me what to do and that I should start doing it now. I was well aware of what I had to do but when they told me (not just told me, but nagged me) about all the things I should be doing, I would be less determined to complete those tasks if anything.

My parents are extremely hardworking and determined people, but they did not seem to understand that the pressure put on us from the education system nowadays was very different from what they had to go through. I would go to the library to avoid nagging from my parents and to study in peace, and it was actually really funny to see how all my friends and many of my classmates would also be there. They were all in the same boat as me and just wanted to get away from the pressure put on them by their parents because the pressure from school was bad enough.

High school was not exactly the best time of my life. There were some really bad days (more often than not), and I would not ever go back to that time of my life again. I feel so thankful for having completed it because even though the workload in college is worst, it is bearable because you are constantly surrounded by determined, likable, and relatable students.

You can hang out with who you want and not have to be fake around people because you get to choose who you want to hang out with. If you live on campus, you get to take a break from the (sometimes) overbearing watch of your parents. Even if you don't live on campus, your parents are likely to be way more lenient than they were when you were in high school. As much as I despised high school, I am glad I went through it because I realize how much more I love college.

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