Sometimes a girl just needs to ugly cry. Things can become way too built up with so many emotions bubbling up to the surface, and without warning, the tears come spewing out of you like a waterfall. Sometimes there's little you can do about the act of crying itself, but there is definitely VERY little you can do about what you look like when you cry. No one knows this more than Kim Kardashian. Forget the queen of reality TV, this girl is the queen of the ugly cry face. She hyperventilates, sniffles, and gets a hell of a screechy, high-pitched voice. 90% of the time it's on TV. And it's awesome. Lets look back on her best moments, shall we?

6. When she lost her diamond earring in the ocean.

The cry face wasn't as strong in this one, but this was a significant moment in our lives with the Kardashians. It was the first time Kris Humphries saw her flip sh*t and have a glorious meltdown in the ocean. And of course, it gave us this wonderful moment from Kourtney.

5. When she went to the doctor because the future Ms. North West was making her have stomach pains.

Okay this one may be a low blow because she was pregnant and feeling sick, and I accept if you all want to think I'm a terrible person. But come on. It's too good not to include.

4. When she found out she was was NAKED on a magazine cover.

Ugh, the horror, right? She "DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS" and was "SO MAD RIGHT NOW." She was "NEVER POSING NAKED AGAIN!"

3. When she was crying over her "dream wedding."

In hindsight, it was kind of a touching moment because she was reflecting on how her real dad would not be there to walk her down the aisle, and she was starting to realize that the true meaning of the wedding was getting lost in all the craziness of planning her over-the-top dream wedding. Kim girl, shouldn't you have taken this as a sign? LOOK IN THE MIRROR. YOUR FACE SAYS IT ALL. YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS MARRIAGE WAS A BAD IDEA.

2. When she started it all: the OG ugly cry face.

This was the moment that started it all. A two-episode-long fight between the sisters over Kim buying a Bentley and Khloe and Kourtney being "so rude" to Kim all the time finally brought her to tears during Kris and Bruce's attempt at a reconciliation between the sisters during a ski trip to Colorado. What ensued was the beginning of ugly cry faces.

1. This.

You can't get better than this. I want this on a t-shirt. I want this as my phone background. I want this image hanging on the bedroom wall of my firstborn child.



All hail Queen K.