For some of us, senior year is a breeze.

We've planned accordingly, our class schedule is light, we have accepted a job post-graduation, life is good.

For others, we are winging every single aspect of our lives. From paying rent to finishing up homework that was due during syllabus week, (a crime, I know), we are truly struggling.

Obviously, I am one of those procrastinators. So I've made a thread of 'The Office' gifs to further procrastinate and depict the true feels of senior year.

1. When the professor says "this is a no technology class. Laptops and cell phones away"

2. Trying to justify skipping class once... or twice a week

3. Watching freshman as they get to class early, where nice outfits, and try hard.

4. Constantly thinking about how good summer was, and whining about how bad you want it back

5. Feeling like you're using your degree when you can answer questions in class

6. Or sitting all the way in the back of the class because you have no idea why you're enrolled in the class you're in.

7. Having to actually purchase textbooks... even though it's senior year.

8. Trying to be a friend, a student, a co-worker, a good person and not broke all at the same time

9. Feeling personally victimized when you get called out for having your phone out

10. Showing up late to class...every class.

11. Getting a ticket for parking on campus in a spot that's convenient for me, regardless if it's legal or not

12. Reassuring your fellow group-mates that you too, have no idea how you are going to present a group project next week.

13. Looking at the syllabus and realizing there is an exam the second week of school:

14. That feeling in that one boring class, with the one boring professor, that doesn't let have your laptop out during class.

15. Submitting homework at 11:55 when it's due at 11:59

16. Reminiscing on how easy every school year before this was

17. When the professor posts 'practice problems' but doesn't require them to be turned in for credit

18. Strategizing where you sit so you know you're surrounded by smart people who know what they are doing

19. Saturday feels as you well know you have 2 exams on Monday you have YET to study for.

20. Opening your email to find ANOTHER new, eager, email from a professor about an assignment that is due

21. Nervously answering the "what are your plans after college" question almost everyday

22. Having a mutual hatred for anything that requires energy with all of your senior friends

23. Always being on the verge of tears when you think of the G word (graduation)