School is back in session and for some, this is your last year as a college student. Senior year is meant to be a time of making memories and having fun. However, we get swept up in the craziness of trying to land the dream job we've always wanted. I'm in the same boat as many people this school year. We often become too focused on the aspect of getting a job and become overwhelmed.

Here are five pieces of advice for college seniors to remember during the last year.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Senior year can bring about a lot of emotions. Some make you want to crawl into a hole and not come out. But getting out of your comfort zone can help. This is a time in your life where you are worried about getting a job and becoming a real adult. Saying yes to new things and giving it a chance, may lead you to bigger and better things after you graduate.

2. Take one step at a time

Anyone else start singing Jordan Spark's song "One Step At A Time"? One thing I've learned during my college years is that stressing out about step four won't help you get through steps one through three. So don't stress too much. At this point in your life, things are changing all around you. If you start stressing out, you can force yourself to not try as hard. Just take it step by step and you won't feel the weight of the world on your shoulders as much.

3. Your family will always be there for you

Family is everything. They are there for you in times of need, during the happy times, during the sad times. So you don't get the dream job you always wanted right out of college. THAT'S OK. Your family will still be there to guide you through the next step in your life. Lean on them when you need to.

4. Keep an open mind

The scariest part of senior year is finding a job. You feel like you have to have your entire life together in just a few short months just to land an interview and then nail the interview in order to get the job. Landing your dream job can be hard. Hundreds of thousands of other college seniors are trying to get that same job. So keep an open mind when it comes to job opportunities. You may find that you are meant for a different job than you originally intended.

5. Enjoy the time you have left

Job hunting aside, it's your senior year! You've made it this far and you should be proud. Enjoy every moment because it's your last for everything. Your last first day of school EVER (unless you're going to graduate school. In that case, I'm very sorry for you). It's your last football season, last spring break, and last chance to enjoy the random late night adventures with your college friends. As much as we are told our career and future is important, don't forget to make the most of the time you have left, too.