Everything Odyssey HQ Wants You To Know About Verticals

Everything Odyssey HQ Wants You To Know About Verticals

Answers to all the questions you've ever had about verticals


Have you been on Odyssey lately and noticed that in our drop-down menu we have a plethora of verticals? Did you wonder to yourself, "What are these verticals? How can I get my content on here?" Well, look no further! This FAQ will answer all the questions you've ever had about Odyssey's verticals and maybe answer questions you didn't even know you had in the first place!

Q: What are verticals?

A: Odyssey's way of curating the cream of the crop content.

Q: What verticals do we have?

A: On Odyssey's site our verticals consist of Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, Activism and politics, Swoon, currently, Sports, Student Life, Adulting, Stuff, and Social Impact.

Q: Who edits the verticals?

A: Editors at Odyssey HQ.

Q: How do I get my content on a vertical?

A: Not every piece of content that you write is going to be featured on a vertical. If your content is not featured it will still go live on our site. In the community tag section, you MUST tag which vertical your content falls under for your content to be considered for a vertical.

From there Odyssey HQ will curate strong content that they believe would best fit on their verticals.

Note that each vertical may have separate guidelines for what they need to be included in an article. Swoon vertical may require content written about relationships, breakups, etc. while currently requires fact-checked pieces.

Q: What is the "Entertainment" vertical?

A: Odyssey's entertainment vertical is a hub for all things pop-culture. From your favorite Twitter memes, song lyrics for your next Instagram caption, to your favorite celebrity gossip here you'll find it all.

Q: What is the "Health and Wellness" vertical?

A: Odyssey's Health And Wellness vertical allows creators to educate and encourage others with personal experiences, advice, and genuine conversation surrounding the topic of health. This is not a place to play doctor — it is a place to come together and form a community that betters one another. From mental health testimonies to how to stop snoozing your morning alarm, Odyssey Health & Wellness is here to help.

Q: What is the "Lifestyle" vertical?

A: Odyssey's lifestyle vertical allows creators to discuss topics from fashion and beauty to religion and LGBTQ+ identities, podcast suggestions, traveling tips, and more.

Q: What is the "Politics and Activism" vertical?

A: Odyssey's politics and activism vertical is where you'll find opinions, discourse, and debates on all things political. From government policy to personal advocacy, the politics and activism page curates content on all issues and from all viewpoints.

Q: What is the "Swoon" vertical?

A: Swoon is Odyssey's first branded vertical that's home to all relationships, breakups, dating, marriage, hookup, and women's interest content.

Q: What is the "Currently" vertical?

A: Currently is a mix of local news and op-ed pieces about national trending news and issues.

Q: What is the "Sports" vertical?

A: Odyssey's sports vertical covers topics from your favorite professional sports team to the coach that killed your passion, all the way to fangirling over the U.S. Women's National Team. A vertical for creators who played sports in college, are a huge fan of sports, or stalk athletes on a regular basis.

Q: What is the "Student Life" vertical?

A: Odyssey's student life vertical is where you'll find anything school-related from high school all the way through college. Here you can find hot button/controversial topics on campus to relatable content.

Q: What is the "Adulting" vertical?

A: Odyssey's adulting vertical helps us navigate the murky waters of early adulthood that everyone lives in during post-grad life.

Q: What is the "Stuff" vertical?

Odyssey's stuff vertical houses all online shopping content for every day and special occasion merchandise. This content features products that are linked to one of our affiliated partners.

Q: What is the "Social Impact" vertical?

A: Odyssey's social impact vertical Is a destination for creators/users who would like to activate their content to mobilize people, resources and/or funds for a cause in the real world using native tools and engagement features.

Q: What content does each vertical showcase?



  • celebrities
  • music
  • humor
  • poetry
  • books
  • tv and film

Health and wellness:

  • conditions
  • wellness
  • fitness
  • sexual health
  • body positivity
  • mental health


  • travel
  • food
  • beauty
  • fashion
  • tech
  • identities


  • relationships
  • heartbreakers
  • uncuffed
  • hookups
  • forevers

Politics and activism:

  • elections
  • advocacy
  • policy
  • debate
  • groups
  • world issues


  • politics
  • national news
  • local news
  • international
  • sports
  • entertainment


  • college
  • professional
  • Olympics
  • fans
  • athletes
  • news

Student life:

  • greeks
  • academics
  • school pride
  • study abroad
  • housing
  • social life


  • career
  • home
  • parenting
  • finance
  • family and friends
  • lifehack


  • home decor
  • beauty and fashion
  • gift ideas
  • DIY
  • tech and media
  • deals

Q: Who should I contact if I have a question about verticals or my article?

A: If you have a question in regards to a specific vertical, an article idea you have, or your live articles please contact the edit help desk at edithelp@theodysseyonline.com.

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