Odyssey In Your Hands: National Issues 2017

Odyssey In Your Hands: National Issues 2017

A perfect union of Odyssey's past and present.

Odyssey's national issues are a bridge between its origins as a newspaper at Indiana University back in 2009 and its present as a social media platform capturing diverse voices far and wide. With strong ties to universities across the country, the two worlds meld to create special print issues featuring our best creators on Odyssey. Each issue highlights a topical theme that addresses unique and engaging points of view and conversation. We’ve covered topics such as March Madness, travel, politics, music and more! With every national issue, Odyssey is curating diverse parts of the millennial experience from thought leaders across over 1,000 different local communities.

We'll add new ones below as they're released. Enjoy, and most importantly, start a conversation!


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Learning To Spot The Flames Before You Smell The Smoke

Charm is deceptive.

Every time I've been burned, I could've seen it coming.

Yeah, I knew that curling iron was 450 degrees, but I wasn't any more careful.

Yes, that stove was still on, but it didn't stop me from being careless.

Something that I think is so crucial in watching out for your heart is being able to learn to do this: see the fire FIRST. To see the reality of a situation, of a person even, before you allow yourself to be immersed in it.

If you're anything like me, you're intentional with each of your relationships. You're not about any kind of shallow relationship - friendship or romantically.

And that's a good thing. But, what I've learned since graduating high school is just how careful you have to be before you invest that precious heart of yours in just anyone.

"The narcissist will begin to find fault with everything you say and do. Suddenly everything you thought they loved about you will become the very weapon they use to beat you over the head. They have realized that your power, your wonderful nature have not magically been transferred to them, and they blame you." ( - Sarah Squires, @thenurturingcoach)

Alright ladies, get this. There's nothing wrong with you, or your taste in men. Take in the words of the quote above; "they realized that your power and your wonderful nature have not magically been transferred to them."

The problem here is not in any way on you, but rather the fact that there is something seriously wrong with the way that men nowadays not only treat women but with the way they present themselves and pursue these women.

They see something in you that they want to see for themselves. And they are going about it in the completely wrong way.

I'm a sophomore in college, and since I've graduated high school, I've had the unfortunate opportunity to learn this lesson the hard way, two different times.

And looking back, comparing these two boys (they fall so short of being called a man) side by side, I can see so many characteristics that link them together.

You deserve a man who is all. about. you, girlfriend. And don't you dare argue me on that one. Had I had been paying attention to these two boys, I would've seen that their inability to focus on anyone other than themselves should've told me I was going to end up burned.

Save yourself the trouble. You are not to wait on him hand and foot.

You are also not supposed to do the pursuing. A man that plays way too hard to get, or always seems to make himself "unavailable" to you, is a man who is most likely only playing games.

They're not only hard to see, but they make themselves emotionally unavailable as well. They claim ahead of time how they don't believe in love, or how love somehow scarred them.

Honestly, just walk away here. He won't be worth it. Something in us females wants to be able to "fix" this part of him and get him to change as if his love would be a reward.

And you don't need that because you are the prize here. And he doesn't deserve you.

If he tries to boast in the fact that he can't love, he isn't worth receiving yours. Because that's all it is, sis. He wants to be loved and be cared for, but he doesn't want to do the same things for you in return. I know it hurts, but there isn't anything you can do to change that.

And this will take a toll on you mentally and emotionally. He'll be aware of it, but he won't care. It'll drive you crazy trying to please a guy like this. He knows how he is and he knows his intentions, but he still sees something in you that he wants.

No, he won't take care of your heart and he won't treasure those things about you. He'll rob you of your peace and you'll be left emotionally tired and confused.

Sure, he may say all of the right things, and he may be the most charming man you've ever met, but trust me, he knows that. That's his weapon and he's gonna use it as long as you will let him.

Always, always, always pay attention to your gut feeling. Picking up on a shallow man early in the game can save you so much heartache that you don't deserve by any means.

Take care of yourself first -- make yourself a priority. You'll thank yourself in the long run. Be on the lookout for the flames, don't ignore the smoke.

Cover Image Credit: Ben Porter Instagram

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Relationships: A Poem

Your first relationship is always the hardest


Still free. Still a child.

He can not let go.

Isolated but together forever.

Fork in his path.


Deceptive and fragile,


Mirrors broken,

Because of words never spoken.



Cold barren loneliness,


Hushed discussions.


Cover Image Credit: Romain Lours

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