Odyssey At Morehouse Is Set To Expand!

Over the course of the past year, you have liked, have loved and have shared the stories that we here at Odyssey at Morehouse love to write. In turn, our team would like to thank you for keeping us motivated to keep publishing every week, and for sharing our voices to your friends and families all over the world. We do not only expect our stories to just get told, but to be discovered to the folks who our stories are meant to reach. Our stories are relevant, important, entertaining and engaging to our friends and colleagues and we take pride in a charge to continue to deliver at increasing quality, the stories you are all consistently sharing.

This upcoming Fall 2016, our team is proud to announce a number of changes to be rolled out to continue promoting the diversity and progressive change of our online voice. Over the course of this summer, we look forward to refining our work and to continue delivering more of what you love. In addition to this, we are looking forward to two special projects we currently have under development which include the revitalization of our team at Odyssey and the launch of a sophisticated new business journal aimed at supporting the excellence of Morehouse's elite Business and Economics divisions, which produced all of three Valedictorians of the college's record-breaking 2016 Commencement Ceremony. In the future, we also will be updating specialized "columns" which focus on specific interests, the arts, politics, current AUC events, etc.

While we remain excited to watch our team grow and redefine itself, we are still currently looking for outstanding new members to join our team!

The Editors with Odyssey at Morehouse College

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