The Five Love Languages: Content Creator Edition
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The Best Ways To Love An Odyssey Content Creator As Told By The 5 Love Languages

Odyssey content creators need love too!


Gary Chapman introduced the 5 Love Languages 23 years ago helping people express and experience love in a way that fills up their love tanks. For many years, people have taken tests to determine their love languages, their partner's love language, and their friends' and family's love language.

Acts of service, quality time, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, and physical touch have all been used to maximize human connection. It's been used to heal relationships, rear children, and better co-workers.

Most recently, we've seen comedically how to love people who love Target, Chick-fil-a, Costco etc. That's all great, but Odyssey content creators need love too!

We've had the singles edition, children edition, military edition, marriage edition, and loving teens edition.

It's about time we have the 5 Love Languages, Odyssey content creator edition:

1. Acts of Service: "Hey, I shared your article."

Happy Tears, I promise.


Honestly, you could have just read our articles and that would have been enough, but going through the trouble of sharing our article. It honestly means the world!

2. Quality Time: "Do you want to get together and talk about article ideas?"


Reading articles together or spending time writing is also acceptable, but nothing fills our love tanks like sharing our joy in writing. So yes, let's grab a cup of coffee and talk about Odyssey!

3. Gifts: "I bought you something from the Odyssey Online Shop."


Buying us Odyssey merchandise shows us that you pay attention to detail. It shows that you care and that you know we write for Odyssey. Yes, it means the world to receive an Odyssey sweatshirt, Odyssey hat, and other Odyssey goods unexpectedly.

While there are plenty of gifts you can purchase at the shop, you can't go wrong with other perfect gifts for writers: pens and journals!

4. Words of Affirmation: "You're such a good writer! I love your articles."


"Has your article gone live yet this week?"

*Commenting a well-written response to the article*

"I love you like you love writing."

Please, tell us more. As writers, we already love words, but we thrive on words of affirmation! So keep them coming because we can always ear more of it.

5. Physical Touch: Typing up the perfect headline on your laptop.


What can I say? Most of our work is done online so it's a little difficult to find ways to fill up someone's love tank with physical touch. Let them use your laptop to type up the perfect headline and that will be close enough. But when all is said in done and they've met their weekly deadline, congratulate them with a hug.

What's your love language?

Chances are if you're reading this, you or a loved one you know writes for Odyssey. Find out their love language and get started, but just know that you can't go wrong with using all of the love languages.

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