Ode To The Group Chat
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Ode To The Group Chat

Unspeakable topic? Tell the chat.

Ode To The Group Chat
Abby Jackson

Group Chats. I have a love/ hate relationship with them. Sometimes they're blowing me up, and sometimes they're a safe haven for the unspeakable topics. My most frequently used group chat keeps me in touch with two of my best friends from home, and it's been in use for about 4 years. Not every day is easy in the group chat, but this revolutionary invention also keeps me sane some days.

3AM explosion.

We've gone all day without a peep in the group chat. Everyone is at their jobs, school, or recovering from their last wine night. And then it comes time for me to go to bed. I'm in my jammies, warm in my bed, when I hear a buzz. Then another buzz. Then another. The conversation is going strong, and I'm too sleepy to stop it, or contribute to the conversation. I'll catch up tomorrow. Know I love you.

Daily odd thoughts

"So I pooped today..."

"Guys, this ice cream right now."


The group chat is a place for all of this, and more. Any strange thoughts or life updates any of us have can be placed in the group chat to be assessed by the other members.

Confidence boosters

"Guys, I got new underwear."

YASS, GIRL! Drop those booty pics in the group chat. We'll let you know how great you look.

Work rants

We're all servers, we've all been there. Have a bad night at work? Tell the group chat. Have a GREAT night at work? TELL US MORE! We've all told each other about the obese guy that needed 8 baskets of bread for himself, or the lady with the "I want to see your manager" haircut, or the kind family that decided we needed a 60% tip because we served the crap out of them.

I miss you texts.

I love the days when we just sit and tell each other how much we love and miss one another.

"I need you. Come cook me dinner."

"I love you so much. Why aren't you here?"

Fear not, babies. The group chat is only temporary. Soon we will be reunited.

"Sorry I was mean, are you still there?"

Sometimes the stresses of life get to us, and we say things we don't mean. Whoever said the mean thing calms down, and we're back at it again a few hours later talking about how flawless Ellen Page is, or how proud we are of one of our latest political social media rants. Hail to the group chat. It's lived to see another day, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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