Top X Bevo XIV Moments
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Top X Bevo XIV Moments

Bevo XIV was very loved and will be very missed!

Top X Bevo XIV Moments
UT News

Just last month, UT lost a very special member of its community, Bevo XIV. On October 16, our beloved Longhorn mascot passed away from Bovine Leukemia Virus. Bevo XIV cheered from the sidelines of every game since the age of two. He observed many losses and witnessed many wins including two Rose Bowl victories and the infamous January 2006 national championship game.

The Silver Spurs, a spirit organization on campus, has traditionally been responsible for the care of the Bevo mascot. Before every game the org's members rope, brush and halter Bevo, and prepare him for transportation to the stadium. Overall Bevo’s handler spends about 600 hours caring for him each year. In 2004 the Spurs launched the BEVO endowment to insure the ongoing care and transportation for all the Bevos to come. The BEVO endowment has now grown to offer several scholarships to exemplary students at The University of Texas.

Bevo XIV was an incredibly special mascot and he was a part of a 98-year-old tradition. He was especially important to one Silver Spur, Ricky Brennes, who was Bevo’s regular traveling partner. Brennes described Bevo as strong, sweet, calm and smart. Bevo was not only loved as a mascot, he was a cherished companion and member of the UT community.

To honor Bevo’s legacy, here are the top X Bevo XIV moments:

1. When he hung out with longtime friend Matthew McConaughey.

2. When he saw George W. Bush be inagurated for the second time

3. When he met Coach Charlie Strong for the first time.

4. When he was blessed by a priest.

5. When he met A&M’s mascot Reveille VIII.

6. When he traveled to Pasadena, Calif. (the farthest distance he’d ever gone!).

7. When he presented former head coach Mack Brown with a personalized halter before his departure.

8. When he witnessed back-to-back Rose Bowl victories.

9. When he bonded with his best friend off the field, Sunrise Spike.

10. When he got to do what he loved, cheering on the sidelines of every UT football game.

Bevo XIV was very loved and will be very missed! The search for Bevo XV is on and the Spurs hope to find him in time for the 2016 season.

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