What Your Favorite ODAAT Character Says About You
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What Your Favorite 'One Day At A Time' Character Says About You, From The Schneiders To The Lydias

We've got you all covered.

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I started watching "One Day At A Time" on a Tuesday afternoon and somehow managed to finish all three seasons in two days. If you haven't seen this show, drop what you're doing and start it right now. I didn't get what all the rave was about... until I started it, fell in love with it, and will now defend it as one of the best shows of all time.

I noticed how different each of the characters on the show have traits that reflect certain people in my life. My mom is for sure a Penelope, and my brother is without a doubt an Alex. Here is what your favorite "ODAAT" character says about you:



If Penelope "Badass" Alvarez is your favorite character, you are one of the most hardworking people around. You always want what's best for those around you and you bust your butt with each and everything that you do. You expect a lot out of people but aren't afraid to give them some tough love when they need it. You tend to put others needs before your own, so remember to take time for yourself and implement some self-care into your busy schedule. You're passionate, caring, and again, a TOTAL badass.



If you're a Schneider, you are one of the best kinds of friends to have. You have your quirks and probably spend a lot of time popping in and out of your friends' personal lives (and homes) but you are constantly reminding your friends how much they mean to you and they love you for it. You have a really good heart. You lean on your friends a lot for support and they can count on you to do the same for them. You enjoy learning new things and take life each day as it comes while still remembering all of the things that you have experienced that make you who you are.



This goes without saying, but you might have a tad flare for the dramatic. You are constantly acting on spontaneity and shocking some of your friends. You aren't afraid to be bold and speak your mind. You also love your family more than anything else in the world. Nostalgia and fond memories are things that are very familiar to you, so you're obviously an amazing storyteller. You want people to feel like they belong in your home. People look to you for advice which is good because you will tell it to them how it is.

Also, you have phenomenal dance moves and a signature look that is unmistakably and undeniably YOU.



Sweet, sweet Syd. They are one of my personal favorite characters. If you're a Syd, you are probably a little nerdy, a little awkward, but a whole lot of fun. You find it easy to connect with others after you have a few interactions with them and have a unique ability to read others. Your friends look to you for advice and also for a shoulder to cry on, someone to share a laugh with, or just a person who will binge watch "Doctor Who" with them. You put your all into everything that you do and are always looking out for others. I would definitely want to go to Comic-Con with you.



If you're an Alex, you have got amazing style and a really cool outlook on life. To you, the little bumps in the road aren't too bad because you are a pretty optimistic person. You use humor to hide your feelings sometimes, but the people in your circle can see right through that act. You're also fiercely loyal and have a unique gift of knowing what to say and exactly when to say it. You're not fond of conflict, but that being said, you will always stand up for what you believe in. You've also got an aura about you that makes you quite the charmer.

Dr. Leslie


If you're a Leslie, you are probably a hopeless romantic, dedicated, and always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. You enjoy the little things in life and you spend a good bit of time picking up hobbies and new things to learn. You have some tricks up your sleeve. You always want to make everyone around you comfortable but that sometimes means making less time for yourself which might be something to work on. Your friends are so so so lucky to have you in their lives.



If Elena is your favorite character, you are one of the most inclusive, daring, and most clever people around. You are a social justice warrior and you always want to make others feel welcome. You are a little bit of a perfectionist, but you have the best intentions at heart even if that means yelling at people to recycle.

It took some time, but you know your worth and tackle the obstacles that life throws at you swimmingly, with the help of your friends and family, that is. You also might be a gay icon. You are witty and nerdy and smart and courageous and there isn't anything that you can't do.

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