Well, it’s the heart of the summer time, and most of us have tried to make at least one trip to the local beach or pool to lie outside and get some color. For some, that means embracing the cool waters and the beach breeze; on the other hand, for others, it means laying out for hours at a time and taking in the suns strong rays in a quest to become the tannest you can be. For those who are in the same boat as me, here are some signs that you are definitely longing for the natural summer glow.

1. You can sit at the beach or the pool for hours at a time without complaining of the heat.

You often get the crazy looks from your family and friends as the sweat pours down your face while they wonder why you are just baking in the sun. But you know deep within that you aren’t going to move anytime soon.

2. You constantly move your bathing suit top and bottom to check for tan lines.

…and you start to panic if they aren’t becoming as defined as you would like.

3. You NEVER buy tanning lotion that is more than an SPF 15.

As your family slathers on the SPF 50 and begs for you to put it on, you attempt to tune them out to avoid the inevitable conversation of…


And they may be right. It’s very possible that so much sun exposure in the summer could lead to skin cancer. But, as long as you apply some sort of sunscreen, you won’t fry like everyone thinks.

5. You take many pictures throughout the summer.

This way, when you’re all pale in the winter, you have many pictures to #TBT and can reminisce on the amazing summer you had. All while looking forward to the upcoming one!

6. The best compliment anyone can give you is, “Oh my gosh! You look SO tan!”

Say goodbye to the days of boys telling you “you look so cute” or “DAMN!” Nope, music to your ears nowadays is “wow, you’re so tan!”

7. You become distraught when the weather that once promised a crystal clear, sunny day turns into one that is overcast and rainy.

Nothing brings you down more than a planned beach trip gone awry because of the weather, or your mid-day tanning session being quickly cut off by the poor weather forecast. IT’S AN AVID TANNER’S BIGGEST PET PEEVE!

Some people may not understand it. Others may not appreciate it. But, for those of us who love basking in the sun, it’s a calming pastime that surely pays off when you get out of the shower and see those amazing tan lines. Enjoy the month that we have left of #roastingseason!