I'm Obsessed With Hamilton And You Should Be Too
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I'm Obsessed With Hamilton And You Should Be Too

A look at a very American musical.

I'm Obsessed With Hamilton And You Should Be Too

I rode home for Thanksgiving Break with two musical theater buffs, and a freshman who was subjected to me singing every song from the musical Hamilton. Hence, I decided to make a list of the reasons why I love Hamilton and you should too.

1. Rap Battles

2. I just love interpretations of historical events whether it is in book or musical form. I even have a soft spot for historical fiction such as Miss Saigon, Les Mis, and yes when I was a child, Ann Rinaldi books.

3. Hamilton's cast looks like how America looks now. It is a musical that tackles the beginning of our nation in a way that reflects the diversity we currently have. The cast includes many black and latino actors and actresses. It found a way to give roles to actors and actresses that don't often get the advantage of racially blind casting. The cast doesn't look like the white founders of our country and it doesn't matter to the show, and no one should feel that it does either.

4. I took APUSH in high school and learned a little about Alexander Hamilton, but not much. This is a much more intriguing way to learn it all.

5. Long car rides are the perfect way to make sure you have most of the lyrics down- especially the ones to the aforementioned rap battles.

6. My uncle and his family saw it in previews and I am trying so hard not to be jealous. It's not working.

7. Genius, one of my favorite websites, annotated the whole soundtrack. And yes, I did spend the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving taking the songs line by line.

8. It is Beyonce approved. She wants to steal Johnathan Groff's walk. Awesome. Wow.

9. It brings young people to Broadway. It uses R&B, rap, and hiphop to tell a very old story. Lin Manuel Miranda, the composer and star, ensured that 20,000 New York City children will be able to see Hamilton for $10 each. This gives these children the opportunity to see American History in an interesting way.

10. It's a more interesting option for teachers to teach history, rather than them showing us the musical 1776 in 7th grade American History. (Sit down John).

11. I love musical theater. I love stories. And you should too. Lin-Manuel Miranda is telling through a very familiar story of America's foundation through the story of a man that doesn't get told much. "What story hasn't been told, but should?" -Lin-Manuel Miranda

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