Why Obama's Presence as President is a Present

Why Obama's Presence as President is a Present

Why Obama's Presence as President is a Present


For 106 years, Virginia McLaurin has waited for the day she visited the White House to celebrate Black History Month with the first Black President of the United States. "I thought I would never live to get in the White House. And I tell you, I am so happy. A black president! A black wife! And I'm here to celebrate black history. Yeah, that's what I'm here for." McLauri celebrates as she fellowships with President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama in a trip to the White House for a stellar background in community involvement.

In her recent visit, McLaurin met with Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, sharing her thoughts that she "Would never live to get in the White House," McLaurin's energetic rejoice serves as a pungent reminder of our nation's history in race relations, giving a deeper meaning to President Obama's final moments as the leader of the free nation. In the midst of one of the most interesting election years in recent United States history, it is heartwarming to see the spirit of the mainstream black communities' embrace of Obama in the ending months of his final term. McLaurin, who was born in the heart of the origin of the modern African-American experience, served as a vessel of the voice of the people in her generation who anticipated this level of progression to extend beyond their lifetime. Fortunately enough, McLaurin has been able to fellowship with the first Black "First Couple" and celebrate the success of the progress of African Americans. In this footage of McLaurin's visit to the White House, it is clear to see that the work that Obama has done has surpassed his influence on the state of the nation and has found it's reach on African American's who now have the addition of the President and the First Family as a part of their own narrative in witnessing the progression of Black people on a global scale.

While sharing this moment was an impactful experience to McLaurin, the First Family's presence in the White House has impacted a whole new generation of the Black post-millennials, or members of Generation Z, who have been introduced to the world in either terms of Obama's leadership. Together, the Obamas have promoted an agenda that promotes a modern take on nationalism that has explicitly included the historically silenced voices of underrepresented Americans. While Obama continues to break Black boundaries, he has committed to a holistic approach to his presidency promoting equity in areas of healthcare, education and social justice. With his track record of progression, with his recent ban on all products made at the hands of slave labor as an example, Obama has set a level of expectation for our next POTUS that has shown in the noticeable lack of popular political interest in the current candidates. It should be interesting to see how the presidential race plays out and which candidates will come close to making an impact to the magnitude of President Obama's.

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