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To The Obamas

You were more than just the first family, you were my family

To The Obamas
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Dear Obamas,

With tears in my eyes I write this. Tears of happiness, many though of sadness. I reminisce on the time I was able to have you as my first president.

I remember in 2008, seeing you all for the first time. News had spread like wildfire, everyone watching every move you made. It was the first time in history, an African American citizen had a high chance of winning the presidency, and guess what: you did. You were so calm and collected, yet so powerful all at the same time. You stepped into the limelight, letting me know that anything was possible.

I sat patiently in front of my television screen, wondering. I stared in awe at the screen before me. For the first time in my years of living, I was able to witness history being made. The first ever black president was to take on the biggest job America has to offer. As you, Barack, began to speak on your policies my attention was devoted to you and your family. You ensured me and the nation with your slogan "Yes we can." At the time, I was aware having a black president would mean a lot, but I never realized how much it would mean to me as the years went on.

It was your eight year story of hardship and perseverance that made me love you. You not once failed to make me feel empowered, respected, furthermore valued as a citizen. You made me feel respected as a young citizen in America and most importantly a minority in America. With both, you taught me to use my voice in any way, shape, or form to change the world. I recognized as a young citizen, as a millennial, my opinions matter. I am lucky to be apart of a generation with game changers and innovators. You helped me understand I am important, and among the sea of people in the United States, being of the middle class doesn't mean I can't do something of importance.

To Michelle, I thank you for showing me and teaching me how black women are beautiful and worthy of anything they deserve. You were more to me than just Mrs. Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States. To me, you were Auntie Mo. Anytime I saw you on late night shows or pictures of your giving interviews, you inspired me. You spoke with such passion and it transferred to me. You were always encouraging me to be the best version of myself and education would help me do so.

You have made sure to instill in me five crucially impacting words "I can and I will." I shall keep these words with me for centuries to come.

The second time around was different. Maybe it was because I knew more, I knew how much you meant to me. You gave me hope and strength I didn't even know existed. You had changed my life and I realized that America needed you, I needed you. Even in times of darkness, you never failed me. Barack--Uncle B-- with such swag and eloquence stayed in my life and did more for me than any other president ever will. You simply became my president and that was more than I could have ever asked for.

You all came into my life for another four years, making history, changing my world for the better. Some would disagree, but everyone is different. Four more years you had to change my life. Four more years of love and laughter. You blessed me with your presence and humble hearts for another term and I wish I could witness it again. I know you will always be around when I need you, but four more years would be greatly appreciated. However, the Untied States simply won't allow it, so sadly you must go. But, your legacy will continue to live on in my heart. You were more than just a presidential family, but you were my family,

For eight years, it was the first time I ever saw the president as a person, someone I could call my own. You had broken down that wall of powerful president and citizen and became someone I could confide in, someone I could trust. Obama, you will always be my president and your family will always be my first family.

Sincerely, your fellow citizen,


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