Nude Tube: Naked Shows Are Taking Over Our TVs
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Nude Tube: Naked Shows Are Taking Over Our TVs

Cable television is taking a turn for the exposed.

Nude Tube: Naked Shows Are Taking Over Our TVs

Whether it’s TLC’s Buying Naked, VH1’s Dating Naked, or Discovery’s Naked and Afraid, TV shows as of late have been baring it all.

The creators of these shows and the networks that air them would like you to appreciate them as a quirky reality series, a dating show with a twist, and an extreme adventure wilderness competition; but the bottom line is that this isn’t your average reality programming. They are all embracing this new naked trend.

I did some research, which required me to sit down and figure out what these shows were all about. 

I started out with Naked and Afraid. Think Survivor, minus Jeff Probst and clothing, with only 2 teammates who must work together to survive 21 days by themselves in some exotic location. Sometimes the duo makes it. Others give in before they can earn their grand prize: the pride and satisfaction of completing their journey (because that definitely sounds worth it to me). Each survivalist can only bring with them one helpful item (a knife, a pot, etc.), but no food, no water, and no clothing. It was far from riveting. When the team was trying to find an animal to kill for their next meal, I honestly wish they had chosen me instead to put me out of my misery. 

Dating Naked is similar in concept to Naked and Afraid in that two strangers meet for the first time sans clothing on an island, except in this case they are not asked to forge the wilderness but rather go on a first date. They end up going on dates with two more people and then have to decide with whom they felt the biggest spark. It's like a blind date, but instead of not knowing much about the person you’re eating dinner with, you instantly know a lot more about them than you may have for at least a few more dates.  

Buying Naked was the dud of the group. Jackie Youngblood specializes in finding homes for nudists in Pasco County, Florida, the “Nudist Capital of America.” With expert censoring and conveniently placed props, we witness a team of realtors show houses to couples in clothing-optional communities. And that’s about it. The drama isn’t very dramatic, and the whole thing feels staged and very uncomfortable. If I wanted to watch naked people search for the house of their dreams that is also in their budget…well, I wouldn’t. I barely made it through one full episode. It’s no Million Dollar Listing.   

So, is this going to be the next big television trend? I sure hope not. If they decide to make the next season of The Voice a special nude edition or incorporate a naked arc into Modern Family this fall, things could get real weird real quick. 

While the creators want you to focus on the drama and the relationships instead of the nudity, the simple fact is that they are using the nakedness as a ploy to make their shows just a little different, a tad more exposed. 

If this is what cable television is coming to, I see a lot more Netflix in my future. I prefer programs that don’t need a lack of clothing to convince me to watch them. Heck, Tobias from Arrested Development is a Never Nude, and that is arguably the funniest show in the last decade.

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