To The Relationship-Crazed Millennials, You Reevaluate Your Priorities
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To The Relationship-Crazed Millennials, You Reevaluate Your Priorities

There ain't nothing wrong with being single.

To The Relationship-Crazed Millennials, You Reevaluate Your Priorities

And it's okay to change from time to time too! It's all about sticking to YOUR morals and what YOU believe in. As long as you stay true to yourself, ain't nothing wrong with it!

So, we all know about the Jelena (Selena and Justin Beiber) fuzz. Old couple gets back together, the media gets all crazy, our generation starts buzzing about how it's now officially "cuddle weather" and we all need a boo.

Need? No, you don't.

I think it's crazy how popularized it's becoming to seek companionship at such an early age. It shouldn't be the norm; it's time to seek companionship with the self.

What happened to the importance of allocating your energy in the right places in life? Like those of school, family, future endeavors, friends, and extracurricular activities? While we, as millennials, can certainly balance a love life with all of these other things, it's time we sit back and prioritize which of these things come first.

Let's start with a reasonable outlook on how we can look at this on a "will always be there" to "will not always be there" scale.

- Family: Will always be there.
While one can argue that family can stray away, have conflicts, and "not always be there," one thing that is certain is that they will always be blood. For those of us who blessed to have a family we can count on, we know that this is true.

- School: Will always be there.
As long as we stick with it and don't give up! Education now = stable job later. Especially if you go about it the right way.

- Future Endeavors: Will always be there/will not always be there.
As you can probably figure out yourself, we cannot control what happens in the future. We can only infer how our futures will turn out by the actions we are taking now. This indicates that we should put more emphasis on living in the now instead of always looking ahead. For example, not thinking about a future marriage if you haven't met the right guy yet. Or not spending hours researching apartments to move into, when you don't even have a stable job yet.

- Friends: Will always be there/will not always be there.
This varies from friend to friend, but the truth is, not all friends stay. In fact, one can find that a person's group of friends may shrink year after year.

-Extracurricular activities: Will not always be there
While extracurricular activities are great for becoming a well-rounded person and excelling in your hobbies or interests, the fact of the matter is that they are bound to change.

Today you might be class president and a year later you might not even find yourself in student council. With that being said, it's best to regard extracurricular activities as great components of a well-rounded life.

So millennials, the best suggestion for us at this time of our lives is to reevaluate what "will always be there" and what "will not always be there." Be honest with yourself while at it, too.

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