A Note To All You Puzzle People

As a child, I always had an immense fascination with puzzles. I enjoyed passing my time by gently putting the carefully etched pieces in their specified places. The oversized picture of how the puzzle should look guided me along as I clicked the cardboard cutouts together. Whether it took a few hours or a few days, I was pleasantly content with my finished product: a puzzled together photo matching the box.

I'd like to think of myself as a puzzle. I'd also like you to think the same of yourself. Each day and each experience changes our own picture on our "box". We are constantly arranging and rearranging the pieces that we are made of. Trying and trying to see where our pieces fit. But this comes with great difficulty for us. For we are not as fortunate as our younger selves. As I'm sure you pieced together puzzles similar to me.

We are not the same puzzles we once worked on as children. We do not have a picture of who or what we are supposed to be. Most of us have no idea how we would want that puzzle picture to look. We as young adults are forced to start making decisions that will determine the rest of our lives. What job we want to have. How we are going to get that job. Meanwhile, we experience college, living on our own, and trying to create memories out of it. But what is it all for? It's for the end product. The end puzzle.

I hope day in and day out, when my days are coming to an end, and when my puzzle is almost complete, that I will have the same pleasantly content face at my finished product that my younger self beheld. I can only hope you will too.

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