College has become one of the places that I've learned the most about the world and myself. I am lucky to say that I found myself interested in a sorority. I actually used to be the girl that said that "I would never join a sorority because all the girls are...x,y,z, etc."

As it turns out, my sorority was exactly what I needed. I started to hold my head up high, I was able to volunteer, and academics were important. I was, and still am, living my dream. Being in the sorority has made my college life better.

That's not to say being in a sorority is without its drawbacks. (Most of which come from other's opinions.)

Many times have I been the butt of a joke because I am in a sorority. Or I've been questioned about the validity of my statements. Whether they be about parties, drinking, or about the people I associate with, I politely shut the haters down.

That is not to say that there aren't girls who (unfortunately) fill the stereotype. That's their choice. and I'm okay with that. But, judging others because of what you see in the media or what you think a "sorority girl" is is completely wrong.

I am so proud to wear my letters, and I am proud to be part of a community that seeks to create empowered men and women. What you think or hear about us is irrelevant to us because you do not know our experience. And, if you're going to make snide remarks, then, you don't know me either.

So, no, I'm not your typical "sorority girl." Whatever that means to you. And, yes, that does mean I don't need to hear your opinions on anything that I do.