I'm Not Your Mom
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I'm Not Your Mom

Making smart decisions and giving rational advice doesn't make me a mom.

I'm Not Your Mom

I hate when people call me "mom."

It's because I'm a "good girl" and have a mature relationship that people call me "mom." I'm sixteen years old. Just because I make smart decisions and don't always know what's "hip" doesn't mean I'm anyone's mother.

People at school see me as a studious goodie-goodie. I don't go to parties, drink, or smoke, and whenever people talk about that stuff it's pretty obvious I'm not into it. My boyfriend and I have a very mature relationship; we're both respectful and perfectly affectionate. I have to look up a lot of things on Urban Dictionary in order to understand what my peers say, and apparently my vocabulary is like an old woman. I work very hard in school and am in ten different clubs, so I'm basically always doing homework or attending meetings. There are probably 1,000 other things that qualify me as a goodie-goodie, but I don't feel the need to defend my reputation in order to prove my point.

People seem to think that just because I find smoking and drinking repulsive I'm no fun; maybe they're freaked out that a person their age realizes those things aren't cute! I like to think that I'm an excited, outgoing person who loves to dance and be around people, but I guess since I make smart decisions in life those other things don't matter and I'm just everyone's mom!

And since when does having a strong, happy relationship make you a mom or dad? I don't go around calling every couple I see mom and dad! The other day I kissed my boyfriend and instead of saying something like, "You guys are cute" my friend said, "Ew... it's like watching my mom and dad kiss." It's times like that where it's just pretty annoying.

My honesty seems to be another thing that triggers the M-word. Just recently my friend called me "mom" and refused to tell me a story about a guy because she knew that what I was going to say about it wasn't what she wanted to hear. I'm not going to be fake and tell people that this and that are good ideas just to make myself sound cool. I'll tell them exactly what I think, in the kindest way I can (I can be very blunt, but that still doesn't make me a mom). It seems that people don't want the truth, so when I give it to them, or even express my rational opinion, all they have to say is, "Alright mom."

I get that I could be compared to a mom because I shop at the farmer's market and, for the most part, stay out of drama. I get that my views on things aren't always teenager-like. I also get that the whole thing is a joke! I can take a joke and I actually like being looked at as a happy, good girl. I just wish that partyers could respect good relationships and good decisions instead of making the goodie-goodies feel like no-fun buzzkills!

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