As a kid, I went to sleep-away camp in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania. A tiny town called Beach Lake, where the staple locations are the massive Walmart and Gravity Ice Cream. I spent 7 summers on the grounds that helped shape me into the person I am today. However, this article isn't even about my experiences at the camp itself, but the quote that our camp director has said since opening day in 2008.

It's not the minutes, it's the moments.

Basically, the main goal he was trying to tell the hundred or so wide-eyed kids is that we can't live each day counting down the minutes, but instead to treasure the time we are all spending together. The few short weeks at camp are something so innocent and pure that will stick with you until your dying days. I can still vividly remember my time there at 9 years old, and the crazy memories I made on each inch of that place. I can look back on photos and remember who was there, what we were talking about, and whatever silly thing we were doing that could have probably gotten us in trouble, but we somehow weaseled our way out of it. We made our moments there count, and we didn't sit there and cross off days on a calendar for when we had to leave. Instead, we lived each day at camp as if it were the last time we would ever eat in the dining hall, swim in the lake, or sing a campfire song.

This has stuck with me to this day. Life isn't about crossing boxes off of a calendar. It is about cherishing the people you surround yourself with, exploring the opportunities that are right in front of you, and capturing mental pictures of each amazing memory you are creating. This allowed me to live out the last summer I spent at camp to the fullest, with my best friend by my side, a smile 24/7 (in an ideal world lol), and the thought of making every moment count. I was able to have my last summer be the summer that I will cherish forever, and the memories made never be forgotten.

This quote has also taught me to live each day to its fullest. Live each day as if there is no one watching and not worrying about what comes next. If we sit here and worry about "wasting time", we won't even get to really envelop ourselves in the moments we are experiencing.

So thank you, Paul, for teaching me one of the most valuable lessons that are as simple as 7 words to inspire a kid to have fun at camp.