I know what you're thinking: "you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, especially on the weekends, a time for relaxation!" Or "who the heck works out on the weekends?"

But it's not that simple. Especially for those coming from a past of the vicious restrict, binge, and repeat cycle. With the weekends come more drinks and more food, inevitably followed by a surplus of calories, and although we've finally allowed ourselves to make more memories on the weekends as well, we continue to exercise, a compulsive behavior to alleviate our somewhat shallow anxiousness of weight gain. However, the more prominent reasoning behind the inability to skip my weekend workouts has evolved into feeling good in my own skin.

Sometimes I wish my day didn't start until I worked out

It's a beautiful Saturday morning! However my stomach is uncomfortably full from the pizza and extra glasses of wine from the night before, distracting and preventing me from waking up care-free, reliving the exuberant events of the prior night in my head. Unfortunately, my Saturday, or Sunday, does not start until I exercise. I caffeinate up, then I immediately lace up, before the majority of the country even wakes up. Sometimes I wish I could hit snooze without feelings of guilt, but then I remember how the endorphins elevate my mood and prepare me for an ambitious weekend.

Sometimes I wish I could sleep in like everybody else

Instead of running five miles, I wish I could sleep in for an extra five hours. But I can't. Because as soon as I wake up, my mind takes over my body, and the need to be productive takes over me. However, my goals of feeling good in my own skin are more important to me, including putting those extra calories to good use.

* * *

I can wish, wish, and wish, but integrating relaxation into my compulsive routine is hard. But I'll take feeling the need to exercise over feeling the need to hold myself hostage from socialization during the weekends any day. My go-getting personality is bittersweet, because I sometimes forget self-respect, and knowing when to stop pushing my body beyond its limits. Like anything and anyone, I'm a working progress.

So, to those who can't seem to skip their weekend workouts, keep doing you, but reasonably and self-respectfully. Be proud of your work ethic, unless it becomes detrimental to your health and relationships.