As a person of color, I can describe the emotions that take over me when I hear the words "I'm not racist but...". Nothing good can ever come out of this phrase. If you ever feel yourself about to utter these words in a sentence, stop. You know why? Because whatever you are about to say is absolutely, positively racist. No matter how much you convince yourself you treat people of color equally, or you respect people of color if you have said the phrase "I'm not racist but..." you don't, and you are. Enjoy some of the best "I'm not racist but..." statements that have been blessed upon me recently.

"...but why does everything have to be about race?"

In the current state of our country, police brutality, racism, and race, in general, has become a hot topic. It is important for people of color to speak up about issues that are affecting us. If we don't speak us who will? Who will be our voice if we are all silent?

"...but I wouldn't date a black person"

There are many reasons for why you may choose not to date someone, but if you're reasoning is because of their race - that's an issue. That is indeed discrimination because you are treating a person in a biased way due to their race.

"...but slavery is over, get over it."

This kind of ties back to my first point. Yes, slavery is over and people of color have more rights than ever, but that does not mean that we have attained equality. Until people of color are viewed and respected by all in the same way that white people are, we will keep speaking up about the injustices we face on a daily basis.

"...but I should be able to say the n-word"

I don't care how society has rebranded the n-word to make it "mean something different". The word still personally offends me. It make me uncomfortable when ANYONE says the n-word. Even as a person of color, I do not feel comfortable saying the n-word. The fact that you feel as if it should be ok for you to say that word ever is wrong, there is so much negativity tied to that single word - why would you even want it to be a part of your vocabulary?

"...but America is for Americans"

It should be noted that people of color include the Hispanic and Muslim populations. If you claim to 'not be racist' yet you are restricting the freedom that our country provides, the freedom that was created by immigrants should be restricted. There is no good reason that you can give me that justifies keeping races of people outside of out country. Yet again that is called discrimination.