Being In My 20s Doesn't Mean I'm Ready To Settle Down

I saw something the other week that said wanting to get married or start a family early in life is normal, and it's OK to be in your 20s and not want to get drunk, and to want 'more for yourself' by settling down.

What bull, am I right?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to party and there is nothing wrong with wanting to settle down in life, but don't assume because I'm not in my party phase that I want to settle down.

Wanting to settle down does not mean someone wants 'more for themselves' than someone who doesn't.

This whole post upset me.

I'm 23 years old, working a decent job almost full-time, and I'm in the middle of getting my degree. I don't know about anyone else, but that feels like a pretty solid deal to me.

Truth is, I haven't been in my party phase for almost three years now.

Maybe I wasn't 'putting twelve bottles down' like the post said, but I was going out almost every weekend. I went out dancing, to parties, to pre-games, and any other event you could picture a college kid at.

I enjoyed putting together cute looks with my friends, staying up way too late, taking a thousand pictures, and having a generally great time in a crowd of equally excited people.

As I grew apart from friends and started getting older, I grew tired of the constant going out. I don't mind going out, but I could never keep up with the routine my friends and I had a few years ago.

Now, I'm happily in a relationship, I have a dog, a good job, and I'm trying to further my education.

I am not ready to settle down, though.

Sure, I might not party and I might be getting a little comfortable in life, but I'm not ready to be married and have children.

I'm doing enough for myself.

The life I have is perfect for me right now.

Other girls might want the white-picket-fence right now, but I don't.

There's nothing wrong with being in your early 20s and settling down, but there's also nothing wrong with being in your early 20s and not wanting that at all.

I might have turned into the 20-something grandma,' but it doesn't mean I'm ready to move onto other things in life.

My 20s shouldn't be divided between being in a party phase and wanting a family. Let me choose where I stand.

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