Hey Readers!

I wanted to write something that encouraged those who feel restricted by their mistakes. Every single person on the planet has made them, so always look to what you want to accomplish and smile to the future.

It is also about the people you keep around you: those who provide healthy and genuine relationships will always hold their hand out to help you when you stumble. May this piece, like others I have written, provide solace and motivation in your journey of self. Spread the positivity you find with others and embrace your future lovingly!

She thought about who she was before and what she wanted

It was different now, but the memories, they haunted

Not even so much as before, but she wanted to start anew

Yet when the past seems to speak too loud, it prevents you from doing what you want to do

If she didn't have to deal with that on her own as being enough,

The words of others made it even more tough

It was always bringing up something stupid she did,

'How dumb do you have to be, I mean, really!'

And another chimes in, 'I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one with that feeling.'

The worse is she would be near all of this chatter and tried to laugh to keep from crying

Only to realize that her self-worth was dying

She soon, began to think too little of who she was and what she could do

It was as if a large blanket of doubt wrapped itself stealthily around her,

The darkness consuming out any light she had left

But it only takes one to truly break the doubt free

A woman of her age who'd seen more than there was to see

Her past, worst than her own

But her aura was brighter than any distant sun ever shone

She smiled like there wasn't a care to be had

For the woman watched what others did and knew why she was sad

'I'll say this as many times as necessary, but you are not your past.'

And just like that, the blanket of doubt retracted from sight

As her little bit of space, filled in a bigger light

'What others don't realize is that they too, have a history.

But the joy they take in picking a part another? Now, THAT is a mystery.'

The woman held out her hand, brown and glowing, it's true

'We'll conquer it together because that's what real friends do.'

Her smile, which she hadn't seen in many years, appeared

And her own voice rang out in a boisterous wake,

'Yes, you are absolutely right. For I am not my mistakes.'