Alas, with over 100 sabre points, I was not awarded a ticket to the upcoming Duke vs UVA men's basketball game.

1. Panic when everyone else is getting their tickets

"I'm group 1, what are you?"

2. Refresh your email over and over and over

When the new email is just a stupid coupon...

3. Convince yourself that the system just has a glitch

UVA email is just slow sometimes... that's probably it...

4. Stare at the email informing you that the world has ended

Sit in shock for approximately 10 minutes trying not to cry.

5. Tell your friends to get sympathy

Send a snapchat to everyone you know because this is monumental news.

6. ... just for them to respond in a way that signals that they DO NOT understand your pain

They are NOT reacting nearly as passionate as they should be.

7. Get angry


8. Do they not understand that I'm a fourth year?

This is my last chance to see Duke... I deserve this! I worked so hard!

9. So maybe if I get hit by a bus, they'll give me a Duke ticket instead of free tuition?

Sees a bus in the distance... steps in road.

10. Try to convince yourself that this won't matter in 10 years

... unsuccessfully.

11. First years with hardly any sabre points got tickets?!

Excuse me? They're not even real fans.

12. Determine which organ to sell on the black market

Will a kidney get me a ticket? How about a sliver of my liver?

13. Wallow in self pity

Wake me up on February 10th.

14. Put Zion as my lock screen in spite

I hope we lose so everyone else can feel my pain (not really, but also really)

15. Any time someone asks how you are, yell, "I didn't get a Duke ticket!"

Don't talk to me right now...

16. To rub the salt into my wounds, find out that College Gameday is coming, too


17. Boycott and leave Charlottesville all together

I'm just going to leave Cville and distance myself from the source of my sadness

It's like the college basketball equivalent of missing the Rapture...