Not Everyone Has The Same Heart

There is one thing I am really bad at understanding. There is one simple thing I still have to remind myself each and every day.

Don't go through life expecting people will do for you as you do for them.

I wish I didn't have to remind myself this every day. However, I think often as individuals we are too bothered by the expectations others fail to meet. If there is one thing I learned, especially in college, it is that not everyone was raised the same way as I was.

We don't all have the same genetic code and in fact, while we assume people think, act and speak the way we do, the truth is, they don't. I mean really how many times can you look back and say you were disappointed? How many of those times can you attach those disappointments with expectations others failed to meet? Honestly, probably a lot more than you think.

My advice to you is to learn to go about life not expecting that others will treat you the way you treat them. You don't need disappointments, so don't create a fantasy that isn't there. That doesn't mean change who you are.

Learn to accept the differences in yourself and the relationships you have in your life. I promise the less you start thinking people will do the same for you as you do for them, your disappointments will be spare.

We don't all have the same heart. We all feel and show our feelings in different ways. Not everyone will be like you, enrich your life with the variety in the relationships you have.

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