No, The Last Jedi Did Not Ruin The Franchise (Or Your Childhood)

No, The Last Jedi Did Not Ruin The Franchise (Or Your Childhood)

"If you're going to claim that this move ruined your childhood, you never had one worth ruining to begin with."

If you told me at the beginning of last year that the latest installment of the Star Wars saga would go on to be arguably the most divisive and controversial film of the year, I'd scoff at that notion.

But, since the theme of 2017 was that we're not allowed to agree on anything (even basic morality), it really shouldn't have come as a surprise.

While The Last Jedi is doing everything a modern Star Wars movie is expected to do, becoming the top grossing movie of the year and receiving overall critical praise, the audience reaction to the film is a bit more complicated. While there is, of course, a significant amount of people have stated that they enjoyed the film; another group of have been very vocal about their dislike of the film and some of the decisions that director Rian Johnson made (the characterization of Luke Skywalker chief among them). While the size of this divide is up for debate (the audience score for the movie on Rotten Tomatoes is 51%, while the more scientific CinemaScore gave the movie an A audience grade), it is clear that fair amount of people do not like this movie.

Before we go any further, I just want to point out that I really enjoyed The Last Jedi, and think its the best Star Wars movie since Empire Strikes Back. I found myself on board with most of the decisions Rian Johnson made, and actually thought that the polarizing characterization of Luke made sense when you take into account his advanced age and everything that happened to him in between the original and sequel trilogies. Despite this, I can still understand why some people would find these decisions less than satisfying. However, my acceptance of these different opinions stops with one particular segment of the film's detractors, and I feel it be necessary to call them out. No, I'm not talking about the people that hate this film because the main character, Rey, is a female. These "Cootie Crusaders" (as I like to call them, since it's clear that they never evolved beyond the stage where boys believe girls have cooties) should not be taken the least bit seriously.

The people I'm talking about the people who claim that the film was so bad, that it ruined the franchise and their childhood.

Where do I even begin with this melodramatic bullsh*t?

First off, the film just made over a billion dollars, I think the franchise will be just fine financially.

Second, although I can definitely see someone not liking this movie, saying that it "ruined the franchise" from a quality standpoint is pure hyperbole. The prequel trilogy exists. The Ewok spin-off movies exist. The frigging holiday special exists! Yet, this movie is the worst thing to happen to Star Wars, just because it doesn't conform to their preconceived notions of what this franchise can or can't do or use their Reddit fan theories? For all its faults (the Canto Bight scene chief among them), I would still watch Last Jedi before any of the films I just listed (though Revenge of the Sith isn't that bad).

Finally, if you're going to claim that this move ruined your childhood, you never had one worth ruining to begin with. If a single movie is capable of ruining your childhood, maybe it says more about how much your childhood sucked than it does the quality of the movie.

Once again, I totally understand why some people would dislike The Last Jedi. As long as you respectfully state your opinion, and not shame the people that hold one contrary to yours, its all well and good. But, if you're going to be over-the-top about how this movie ruined the franchise and your childhood, I think Luke Skywalker said it best:

Amazing. Every word of what you just said... was wrong.

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