The best resolution you can make is not making any
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Making No Resolutions Is The Best Resolution You Can Make

Don't let yourself down on the start of this brand new year of 2019.

Making No Resolutions Is The Best Resolution You Can Make
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I love New Years. New Year's yes has the pressure to get lit but it's not about that. New Years is fun because you get to reflect on the previous year full of the good times and the bad times that can make you stronger in the next year.

Every new year we think to ourselves how we want to be better in the next year. We make these list, post online, tell our friends and family, and tell ourselves that we want to be better. Whether that's exercising, dieting, living life to the fullest, being more confident, whatever it is, goals are set.

This article is to tell you how to fulfill those resolutions. You can fulfill them, by not making them.

Everyone hates being disappointed or let down. Why start off the new year being let down? You're defeating the whole purpose. That positive turns into a negative and that is just not right.

I truly recommend just not making any resolutions, save yourself the disappointment.

Ironically though, I am not following my own advice this new year.

Resolutions for the new year for myself include just being more involved in my new school, keeping good grades, saving money, and getting exercise through fun activities like biking and rock climbing.

@kellicollinss on Instagram

These are things that I can actually do and accomplish. I use to put like "losing weight, toning up, getting abs, etc." That kind of stuff I hate to say are unrealistic resolutions for a majority of people. If you can do that kind of stuff, honestly good for you. I have never been able to.

Here is the thing. Even though I made my own resolutions, I believe that new year's resolutions are bogus. Primarily when people set resolutions it is more of an appearance thing. Losing weight, toning up, getting abs, clearer skin, new hair, and more. Nothing is wrong with bettering yourself and building your confidence, but that shouldn't be all of your resolutions.

Resolutions should include realistic and attainable goals to better yourself internally as well. Wanting to travel, see new things, meet new people, fall in love with a new hobby, surround yourself with love, appreciate yourself and find out who you are.

I truthfully think new year's resolutions are completely bogus. Although, I still set them because it keeps me positive and grateful and makes my outlook of the new year fun and exciting. Whether you actually fulfill the resolutions or just write them down, it can be a good way to start the year.

I will be going to try and do my resolutions this year. They're realistic and attainable. I want to make myself better but in the way where I feel it internally. I hope I can get in my better health for myself, go out on more excursions that I enjoy, make friends at my new school that I am so excited to start attending. I want to be a part of clubs, enjoy my new major, continue with my good grades. I have resolutions that I am extremely excited for and hope that I can accomplish.

All in all, truthfully, I don't recommend making resolutions. Do not make them and let yourself down at the start of the new year. Then, you'll blame the new year on those dumb resolutions. If you make any, make them attainable and for yourself and your confidence.

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