College students can all agree that going home is something we don't get to do very often. There's so much going on in the college bubble and we get into such a routine that we forget how long it's actually been since we were home last and were surrounded by your family and friends. Sure you might talk to them on the phone multiple times a week like I do, but it's not the same as seeing them.

Seriously, when was the last time you had a home cooked meal and didn't need to rush through it so you could get back to your loads of homework or go to that intramural soccer game you promised you would play in? College is our home away from home but sometimes we forget about our actual home.

There's nothing better than leaving the stress of college behind for a few days to go home and sleep in your own bed, relax, and not worry about all of your responsibilities at school. It's a breath of fresh air, especially in the heat of the semester. My high school self would never imagine home being thought of like a vacation. I was so excited to experience college and now, being at the end of my college experience, I am so excited whenever I get to see my family since it's so rare. Being away from home, you feel like you miss out on things with your family. You're not with them every day and can sometimes feel out of the loop.

It's a treat, especially for me, to be able to go home. I appreciate the time I get to spend at home during holidays and school vacations since it's so rare that I get to go home during the year. I wish it was as easy at tapping my shoes together three times and I could be home in an instant, but being at school 10 hours away from my home makes it more difficult for me to spontaneously go home for the weekend.

It's either a never-ending car ride or a plane ride that needs to be planned in advance. Now that I am in the process of planning my career after college, which could potentially be far away from my home, it's even more special for me to be able to go back home and spend quality time with my family.

One of my favorite things is coming home and surprising my siblings. This past week, halfway through spring break, I flew home and surprised my two siblings. They thought they weren't going to see me until May but little did they know, I was planning on coming home a little early.

Not only did I come home to two new licensed drivers, but I also got to see my sister without braces for the first time in five years! It was great to recharge at home before heading back down to school to finish out my last semester of college. There truly is "no place like home."