Why Does No One Remember HitClips

I have siblings who were all born in the early 90's, so this may be a factor, but absolutely nobody of whom I have mentioned HitClips to has any idea of what they are. I am completely appalled and frustrated by this. I specifically remember I had a teal and white one with a single headphone earpiece and I brought that thing around with me many places.

If you are one of the uncultured individuals that don't know what HitClips are, let me give you a rundown. There was an array of colors and designs, but they all had a little slot where you would stick the actual HitClip into for the music to play. The song would only play for about a minute and then you would take it out and naturally put in another HitClip. This obviously was not the ideal way to listen to music, but there was only so many ways at the time to do so.

My sister gave me an Avril Lavigne HitClip once as a gift and I felt so special because I finally had my own. It played the song "Complicated" and I listened to it a lot, to be honest. I accumulated quite the collection of HitClips by, I'm assuming, stealing them from my siblings. The ones I replayed the most were "Who Let the Dogs Out", a random Aaron Carter song where he claims he beat Shaq at basketball, and "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley.

All the HitClips I acquired (stole from my siblings) were kept on a key chain for my convenience. I thought they were really cool. At the time, I'm sure they were, but now they are obviously very outdated. If you would like to buy one now and experience major nostalgia, go for it. I'm sure there is a huge selection on eBay. I luckily got to experience them when they were ACTUALLY cool. If you didn't then you really missed out on a cool little gadget.

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