20 Things 90's Girls Looked Forward To Getting For The Holidays
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20 Things 90's Girls Looked Forward To Getting For The Holidays

What was the point of a Furbie, anyway?

20 Things 90's Girls Looked Forward To Getting For The Holidays

As Thanksgiving is coming to an end, the TV is flooded with holiday advertisements. While I'm painfully watching one ad after another, I can't help but think about whatever happened to all those toys we had as kids. Remember these?

1. Gameboy

And you had to have it in pink.

2. American Girl Dolls

Samantha Parkington was the OG.

3. Shrinky Dinks

Were you cool if you didn't wear a Shrinky Dink tied around a piece of lanyard as a necklace?

4. Pretty Pretty Princess

And you would find the jewelry randomly all over your house.

5. Polly Pockets

Still not as good as Barbies, but these mini pieces of plastic rocked.

6. Furbies

These were SO creepy and looked stoned. Why did we love them so much?

7. Easy Bake Oven

You felt so proud after making something yourself, even if it was actually pretty inedible.

8. Tamagotchi

These were awesome until you accidentally left your "pet" unattended during a long day of elementary school and starved it.

9. Hit Clips

What isn't great about listening to 10 seconds of "I Want Candy" over and over again?

10. Mall Madness

Teaching kids everywhere how to recklessly swipe their credit cards.

11. Bop It

These were low-key hard.

12. Skip-It

How many times did you accidentally whip your friend in the ankle with this while making her watch you do it?

13. My Size Barbie

Did this freak out anyone else's parents?

14. Butterfly Clips

The more glitter the better.

15. Klutz Hair Wrap Books

Who needs to fly to an Island to get their hair wrapped?

16. Slap Bracelets

A weapon and a piece of jewelry all in one.

17. Spice Girls Dolls


18. Lisa Frank Coloring Books

The goddess of arts and crafts.

19. Sky Dancers

What was the point of these anyway?

20. Betty Spaghetty

The perfect cross between Polly Pockets and Barbie.

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