I am sure that there have been plenty of times when you've gotten a call from your parents or grandparents about "technology". Just because we're young, people assume we know all there is to know about how to fix any problem that arrises. I am not tech support, but I might as well be.

There are problems so simple that you didn't even think it was possible to have to walk someone through this. I can recall a time when I got a call from my grandparents where they thought their cell phone was broken because it "wouldn't turn on". Comes to turn out that the brightness was just set too low and they thought it wasn't even powering on.

Now, although there are very simple problems there are also ones that I can understand how they got confused about the situation. I have had times where I've had to walk through the process of using a GPS Navigation System. And that's perfectly understandable, because back in the day people didn't use them and there were only maps. I remember having to explain how Skype and FaceTime work and helping to set that up. But, that was worth it because I got to see my family.

One thing that really would always bother me was when my parents would confuse texting and emailing. I would talk to my parents and they would say, "Oh, I just sent you an email. Did you get it?" To which I would go and check my email, only to later find out they meant a text message.

Now I do not mind having to fix any type of problem, just please don't get frustrated with me because I don't know everything there is to know. I will try my best to help you, but I can't promise perfection. And yes, I understand you taught me the most simplest tasks like walking and eating. You thought that was so simple, but as a child I didn't know such simple tasks. So, of course I will help you with what my generation knows the best and I won't get frustrated because of how simple it is. No, I am not tech support but I will help you whenever you need me.