Your First Love Never Really Ends
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There's No Love Like Your First Love Because First Loves Never Really End

First love is once in a lifetime and is life-altering.

There's No Love Like Your First Love Because First Loves Never Really End

Do you remember the first time you rode a rollercoaster? A big, scary rollercoaster? You strap in and you hold on tight. Your heart is racing, and your head is spinning. You look up that first intimidating hill as your car slowly climbs, the clickity-clack of the chain telling you that circumstances are now out of your control.

You close your eyes until you finally reach the top. For what seems like an eternity, but in reality is only mere seconds, you hang vulnerably just at the crest of that first hill, looking down at what is to come. The anticipation is numbing. And before you realize what is happening you are in a breathtaking free fall that both terrifies you and fills you with arousing elation.

No matter how many times you ride a roller coaster after that, it will never give you the same sensation that it did that very first time.

Some experiences are once in a lifetime.

First love is once in a lifetime and is life-altering.

First love is the most exciting, exhilarating, pleasurable thing your heart will ever feel. There is nothing like it. It can't be replicated. It will never again feel the way it felt that first time.

Your virgin heart opens like the velvet petals of a rose in the morning dew and feels emotion that totally envelopes you. This takes over your entire being — your mind, your senses. There are no words for the kaleidoscope of feelings that surge through your veins.

There is urgency, hunger and a special tenderness that consumes you. It is when pleasure and fear reside within you at the same time. It is the deepest, purest feeling, like newly fallen snow.

This person — your first love — becomes etched forever in the depths of your soul. They become a part of you, and they will never leave you for the rest of your existence.

Dr. Seuss said, "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

And when it ends, you will never be the same. You will long for it and thirst for it. Your heart will ache with a pain that you can't cure. You will never quite get over it.

But just because you couldn't be together doesn't mean that it's not forever. That love will stay with you. It will haunt you in your lonely times, and it'll make you smile in your happy times.

You will dream about what could've been. You will fantasize in the darkest parts of the night about that love. You are left with an indelible mark that changes you forever and will always be a large part of who you are. Even years from now, something will make you think back and remember, and your heart will still skip a beat.

Before you belonged to anyone else, you belonged to them. And just like your first time on that rollercoaster, you will never feel that same way again because there is only one first time for the rest of your life.

Your heart only loves for the first time once.

You will never, ever forget because first loves can never be forgotten.

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