We're in school, thus, when a teacher assigns us something to do on our own time at home, that would be considered homework, right? Wrong.

At least that's what my professor told me.

The very first time I met with my professor, he asked me what my passions, aspirations, and plans for the future were.

I told him.

I told him my dreams and plans of being a reporter. I told him that I one day want to write for a big company about feature stories and breaking news. I explained it with a passion.

When I was assigned my first reporting assignment in his class, I thought I did a good job. I wrote about a controversy and called up some people who could be good sources. I got it done in a timely manner and checked it off my things to do list, along with everything else I had to do that week.

Later on, my professor invited me to his office to discuss my "homework assignment."

He said this is good, for a grade, not for a reporter. He told me, that until I start treating this class like it's my job, rather than assignment to turn in for a grade... I will never get anything out of it.

I was sad and confused because 1.) he is not my boss, he is my teacher 2.) I am not a reporter, I'm a student and 3.) this WAS a homework assignment.

I didn't explain my thoughts out loud, but I was frustrated because I felt that I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing.

Then it hit me. He was right.

I think in any field when someone is teaching you something, you're only going to get out of it what you put into it.

If I start treating my classes as something that will help me grow and assist me to better my future, then maybe I will appreciate them more, rather than just a check off my to-do list.

I DO want to be a reporter and I DO want to get the best stories. Thus, he is right. I can't treat this class as a homework assignment and then graduate with no prior knowledge of how a real newsroom works.

I think this is true in any field. You have to put in the effort you want to get out.

So, as a college student, once you're in your field…. It's no longer homework. Its practice for the future. Don't forget that!