Everyone knows the pain of having Friday classes. You don't always plan for them to happen, but those classes that are three days a week always sneak up on you.

However, a miracle can happen, and there is a semester or two where your Fridays are absolutely free. Here are a few reasons why classless Fridays are the best!

The weekend is extra long!

If you don't have Friday classes your weekend begins on Thursday's which means you have an extra long weekend! Get your party on and let the good vibes roll!

You get to sleep in!

Who doesn't love sleeping in!? Cozy up to your pillows and blankets, maybe even make a fort, and spend your day loafing.

You have all day to do what you want while everyone is in class.

A lot of students have Friday classes, but because you do not, you are able to run errands, and do whatever you want! You can go shopping, go on a hike to clear your head, or even just lay around and collect dust.

Everyone should have the opportunity for a free Friday. Even if it's just to experience just once! Hope you are able to find a clear Friday!