No Boys, No Booze: Embracing a Liberating Lifestyle
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No Boys, No Booze, No Bars

A breakdown as to why the 3 'B's rule should be used by more than just sorority girls during recruitment.

Two women laughing, having a great time without any boys or booze

The idea behind 'No boys, booze or bars' is to encourage sorority sisters to spend more time with their sisters during critical periods of sorority life, such as during recruitment and new member initiation. As a sorority girl myself, I can attest to the merits of this rule, despite how difficult it may be to follow. As a matter of fact, it's a rule that every one should follow every now and then because it allows you to focus more on yourself and important relationships with the ones you love. Besides, the three 'B's usually end up being more trouble than they are worth.

On Giving Up Boys (or Girls): Can't live with them, can't live without them...

Do I even need to explain the pros for giving this 'B' up? Whether we are single, 'talking', taken, married, divorced or somewhere in-between, boys are a constant source of stress. If I used all the time I spent just thinking about boys on something more productive (like school) I would probably have a 4.0 GPA, officer positions in a handful of clubs, a ridiculous accumulation of volunteer hours and at least three or four degrees by now...I am not proud of this, but it is a fact that I am sure many of you can agree with.

Giving up boys for just a couple of days can open your eyes to more important things, like your friends, family and even yourself. Just something as simple as dressing for YOU can have a really big impact on self-esteem.

A confused boy is wondering why he isn't getting more attentionGiphy

On Giving Up Booze:

This is easier for some than others. As we are all well aware, alcohol can be a catalyst for fun; a remedy for an awful night; or sips in between a good conversation. It can also be the reason for horrible mistakes, tear-filled nights and desperate attempt to fill some sort of void. Booze can be unhealthy and take away the clarity of mind that we need. Take away the booze, even if you are one to use it lightly and in the proper situations. Take it as an opportunity for self-reflection and study up on how to handle problems and feelings in a more effective way then drowning them in tequila. You'd be surprised by just how much fun you might be sober.

An animation depicting no alcohol intakeGiphy

On Giving Up Bars:

We may pretend bars are a fun destination, worth getting all dolled up for, but let's be honest with ourselves: They're really just a dingy, disgusting, normally tacky way for us to find those other two Bs. Not to mention, things tend to go from good to bad, real quick in a bar setting. How about you gather your group of friends and spend your weekend in any place but a bar? Find real adventure, go somewhere that's just as beautiful as you are in that dress or stay in and have a conversation with your friends that you can actually hear. The bonds formed in bars, stay in bars. Bonds formed outside of them? Those can be really amazing.

A cartoon character is thrown out of a barGiphy

The three 'B's definitely have their perks. Why else would sorority girls have such a hard time staying away from them even after hours of recruiting? Everyone can take a tip from this Greek life rule. Even if it's just a weekend every few months or so, take a break from the 3 'B's and focus on the things in life that actually matter. Just like a sorority girl come Bid Day, you'll be glad you did.

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