I know everyone just got back from their crazy spring break trips. Over mine, I went with my family to Charleston, SC. I brought my best friend, and my younger sister, who is nine, brought her best friend. I realized over this trip how differently the same vacation can go depending on if you are 9 or 19. Here's 10 things I noticed:

1. If you're nine, everything is warm.

66 degrees outside? Warm enough to go to the beach. Ocean water is negative 10? Oh yeah, it's warm enough to get in. The pool? It's never felt better. We may have purple lips and be shivering, but we promise we are fine.

2. If you're nine, watching all the High School Musicals on Netflix is more important than a tan.

Yep, the most beautiful day we had, they stayed inside for a High School Musical marathon. Nevermind that it's Netflix and can be watched after the sun goes down.

3. If you're nine, what is relaxing?

Skim boards, boogie boards, volleyball, cheer routines, karaoke, soccer, seashells, sandcastles. You lay down for five seconds and you're already bored.

4. If you're nine, you can eat whatever you want.

Their lunchbox of snacks is packed with cokes, Oreos, chips, oranges, fruit snacks, peanut butter, and candy. Anything from the condo that can be brought, was brought. How can anyone be that hungry?

5. If you're nine, time does not matter.

Who knew there were only certain hours of the day when the sun shines. It's okay, they don't want to get out of bed until 11. They head down to the beach for an hour, go back, watch some Netflix, change clothes, come back to the beach in a different outfit. But then they realize they want to get back in that cold water, and head back to the house. Before you know it, the sun is gone.

6. If you're nine, boys don't exist.

No need to worry about that bikini body, who is there to impress? Let's all just be friends here and have a good time. Boys still have cooties, even our bothers.

7. If you're nine, the biggest care is how many seashells you can find.

No homework or jobs to be looming over your head. No reason to bring books or a laptop. Not counting down the hours until real life has to start again. Nope, just worried about finding those perfect seashells to make necklaces for all the friends who aren't here.

8. If you're nine, money is not as issue.

Well how come I can't have to seafood buffet, I love shrimp, and $15 isn't that much. You mean to tell me that I can't buy that new swim suit, those shirts, five airbrushed tees, a crab and a turtle. What? That's too expensive. But mom. Why? That crab wouldn't die, I’d take good care of it.

9. If you're nine, you actually don't even like seafood.

Yes, I'd like the chicken fingers. Or hot dog. Or hamburger. Just French fries. Actually can we just go to McDonald’s?

But there is one part we can all agree on…

10. Whether you're nine or nineteen, ice cream is for every occasion.

Ice cream. Every night. Every flavor. 5 different vendors. Equally as delicious in every stage of life.