The 9 Stages Of 9 Hour Shift Work

The 9 Stages Of 9 Hour Shift Work

Thoughts you have every hour on the hour.

Shift work, seven to twelve, nine to five, five to ten. Whether you’re stuck in a cubicle or stuck scrubbing toilets, eight hours do not pass by quick. Four, six, eight, hours on hours on hours. Clock in, clock out. Each shift is an adventure in and of itself.

Hour one: 480 minutes left, I don’t think I can breathe.

After you clock in there's no going back. You're locked in until the end.

Hour two: Where does this hour even go?

You get over the initial hump of hating life during the first hour and suddenly you find yourself working hard until...

Hour three: I’m hungry.

Am I the only one who needs to be fed every 120 minutes?

Hour four: SO much work.

So much time has come, so much time to go.

Lunch break:

Nuff' said.

Hour five: Werk werk werk werk werk werk.

There's a sudden burst of energy somewhere in the middle of the shift. At this moment, you suddenly forget to look at the clock. You suddenly forget how slowly time passes, instead, you actually find yourself working. What a concept.

Hour six: How much money do I make per second?

I clocked in 3 minutes early and I clocked out 2 minutes late, how much do I get paid for the extra five minutes?

Hour seven: I actually have a lot to do

There's a moment when you realize how much work you need to finish.

Hour eight: 3600 seconds.

Last… hour… I… Can… Do… It…

And alas, the end comes.

When it's finally time to clock out, don't be too sad. All good things must come to an end.

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Could $100 Million BE anymore of an overspend?


Netflix broke everyone's heart and then stitched them back together within a matter of 12 hours the other day.

How does one do that you may wonder. Well they start by announcing that as of January 1st, 2019 'Friends' will no longer be available to stream. This then caused an uproar from the ones who watch 'Friends' at least once a day, myself including. Because of this giant up roar, with some threats to leave Netflix all together, they announced that 'Friends' will still be available for all of 2019. So after they renewed our hope in life, they released that it cost them $100 million.

$100 million is a lot of money, money that could be spent on variety of different shows.

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I Care Too Much

I'll always care more than I should, but who's to say I can't change the things I care about?


I always care too much about things I shouldn't even care about. It's good that I care, but sometimes, I wish that I wouldn't. There's always something bothering me and always thoughts eating away at me. Most of these thoughts are about people who probably don't even think twice about me.

I'd rather feel everything than nothing at all, but I'm starting to make myself feel less. Caring this much is a blessing because it's rare to find as many people in today's world who care as much as I do. This world of school shootings and more interaction with a computer screen than with people.

At the same time, caring this much is also a burden. My heart is constantly breaking, making me feel weak when, in reality, I know I am strong. I want to be stronger and stop letting every little thing cause a reaction within me.

I waste so much emotion on people and things that don't matter. I spend too much time worrying and thinking about things that don't matter. By being like this, I've realized that nothing actually matters. What truly matters, at least to me, is doing the things that bring me joy and bringing joy to those around me, too.

Since I care too much, I leave very little time to focus on myself. My head is always clouded with concerns for others, even strangers on the street.

It's painful caring about everyone and not being cared for back. From now on, I am going to pay even closer attention to my thoughts. I want to stop thinking about and caring about certain people. Instead, I want to care about myself. I deserve the love I am so willing to give away.

I care too much about others and not enough about myself. It's time to let go of the thoughts that are bringing me nothing but pain. I'm going to start caring about only the things that matter. I matter, and the people I can confidently say care about me matter. Everything else is bullshit.

I'm taking my attention away from what doesn't need it.

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