Nike has it all; a crazy famous brand, crazy good products, crazy great athletes on their side. And now, a crazy fantastic ad that empowers women to stand up for what they want in their own future. The new Nike ad reminds us that no matter how many times we are called crazy-crazy emotional, crazy dreamer, whatever it may be no one can call us crazy. Unless they mean crazy amazing.

Maybe we're all a little crazy, but no one deserves to be called it for dreaming or doing things with the utmost passion. This idea reminds me of a quote I've read around the internet a few times; "dream so big you get uncomfortable telling small-minded people" all about them. There will always be people who don't understand you. They don't understand why you believe what you do, why you act a certain way, or why you have such an intense desire to make one of your dreams a reality. It can be hard for people to step into your shoes and grasp your goals. But we can all try to be better at this. Better at recognizing the difference between passion and craziness.

As a woman or a girl or a female or whatever name I could give myself to describe it, I am aware of the stereotypes that follow us around like those little hitchhiker thorns you find on your sweaters after walking through a forest or playing on the playground as a kid. But there's a difference between knowing the stereotypes and believing them.

I hear that crying about a prominent situation in my life makes me emotional and unstable. But I believe that it makes me vulnerable and human. Relatable.

I hear that a woman shouldn't be lifting weights or gaining too much muscle. But I see strength and beauty beneath those powerful arms.

I hear that women should have their place in the home, but I see progress on our horizon. More women behind the wooden CEO desk, a seat at the table. Women in politics, in space, in submarines beneath the ocean's waves, in every country imaginable discovering the world's resources. I can see it, and Nike can too.

So go ahead, call us crazy- No, make that crazy passionate, crazy smart crazy kind, crazy creative.

Crazy amazing.