Nike recently announced the release of a gender-neutral clothing line, which is great but they did not do as good as they could have with this one. The clothing line does include things that could be considered "gender neutral" but really most of Nike's things can. If you think about it, all clothes can be gender neutral, just wear the damn clothes.

The worst part about the new line? All of the sizes are still listed as "men's" and "women's". So that's really gender neutral. Nike really missed the mark on this one. When labeling yourself as gender neutral the sizes also need to be gender neutral, they should not go back to the binary genders. There's more than one way to size something.

Not only did Nike fuck up the sizing on their gender-neutral line, most of the clothes just seem like they are "men's" clothes in "women's" sizes as Twitter pointed out. If it was truly gender neutral there would be more "feminine" options in all sizes instead of just masculine options for everyone.

Lastly, the new line is super expensive. All of the clothes and accessories are extremely overpriced, even for Nike. Those of us who wear gender neutral clothing know that we can get t-shirts and windbreakers way cheaper elsewhere. Nike was not in this for the gender-neutral aspect of things, but for the money. If you're buying these items, it's mostly for the label.

It's really unfortunate that Nike couldn't come through on this one, but maybe they'll do better next time. If you want gender neutral clothing just remember that clothing isn't gendered and you can wear whatever the hell you want.