In the faux stained glass parish, the changing lights illuminate the tabernacle we all face. Rails and men in blue shirts keep us at a distance. But even still, you are closer than we'd ever thought you'd be.


When he stands on the stage, he lets himself get lost in the music that comes flying towards him. Despite the fact that it's coming from behind him, making it easier for things to get lost in translation. His hair float above him with every toss against the bass rippling through the air. His feet glide across the stage, pulling him into the peripherals of someone else's vision.

The drummer remains focused on the crowd, keeping his eyes above the heads beyond you. And we'd like to think that he sees us. He keeps the pulse of the crowd going with every kick to the bass drum. He looks at his friend and watches him stare down the stage, too engrossed in his instruments to notice the crowd. Jumping and making awkward movements to the beat of the music. The lead singer is still jumping with the energy of the crowd.

We watch as the lead singer stands on the stage with a white light behind him, making him seem purer than he might ever be. His mouth open ready to confess his sins to you or even to tell the lies twisted in the stories he'll tell. His eyes looking up to the covered sky.


He approaches the microphone with a slowness that almost seems unnatural. He even takes a moment to center himself, as if to beg that he will not get swept away. He starts unsupported by music only to surprise us all with the electrified beat.

Refuse to back down from this life. Reach out to the fans and call out your haters. Let the crowd encourage you and remind everyone that change is inevitable. But they are stronger than it and they can make the change their own.

He tries to remind us- or even better himself- that we are bruised, but not broken. That this fight is one worth fighting for. His words of encouragement are not only for all of us, but for him too.

He throws his cares away and insists that there is nothing wrong with a little change. That you are still who you are. Or were, just new and improved.


When they charge the stage, the crowd surges forward. Hoping they can get close enough to them than they were before. He breathes before the words that they were not sure would stick and lets them pour out of his mouth like water. His body bangs to the beat of the drum and the sound of the crowd singing your lyrics lifts all of your spirits up. It's refreshing to be washed by the waves of your music. Even if it's something new, it still renews the absence of time from the last time we saw them.

He dances to the beat of the drum that was his. When he looks around, he is grateful that his our friends are able to love this as much as he does. When he looks out to the sea of people, he can't help but feel like you've done something right.

He comes to one side of the stage and tries to connect to people that he'll never get to know beyond a name. When he gets close to the edge of the stage, all we want is to reach out. To know that you see us. And when we don't, we wonder if you saw us at all. But even this feels more intimate. All of us with you makes us more than fans but a family that you can trust with your lyrics. You make sure to remind us that you're grateful and that you believe in us, just like we believe in you.

When the night is over, you don't stop at anything to make sure that everyone feels noticed. Just as you're grateful that we notice you. And for that we'll always say thank you.