After watching the debate for NYC Mayor, I left with a feeling that Nicole Malliotakis should definitely be voted into office for mayor of NYC on November 7th. I know that New York is sold to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), but let me tell you why I believe she should be the Mayor of NYC.

If we follow the social-media-crazed Democrat logic:

She's a woman (which was enough for them to threaten about Hillary — "If you don't vote her in, you're sexist").

She's a first-generation American.

She's a minority; her mother is a Cuban exile from the Castro dictatorship.

So, automatically being that Democrats love minorities, immigrants and women, she should be voted into office as mayor.

But let me tell you why she's not, and why Democrats don't care about any of those things: because she is a Republican. But not only is she a Republican, she's one with a moral compass. A real human being. Something that we don't see every day.

For someone like myself, seeing Nicole Malliotakis on stage is an inspiration. I am a New Yorker, a woman, a first-generation American with immigrant parents just like her.

Now the actual logistics. First, she does not want to close Rikers Island. This is HUGE. Not only does Bill de Blasio want to close it, he is planning to open FOUR jails in the boroughs. Sorry, but to use taxpayer money to open FOUR NEW JAILS rather than just fixing whats broken already sounds atrocious.

Another reason I liked her is that she outright said that if she could ban lobbying, she would. Now, I know she isn't a genie that could just make my biggest wish come true, but for someone to have that sort of honesty — a politician no less! — seems unfathomable. Very rare. Almost like a unicorn. For some politicians, that's their bread and butter. No, I'm not going to name any right now so we can keep the focus on Nicole.

Nicole Malliotakis is not afraid to stand up to Bill de Blasio or Donald Trump or the DNC, which, for me, is completely empowering as they are all just signs of corruption and collusion.

Another important factor is that she wants to tackle the goddamn subway system, be it the delays or that we are all squished on top of each other with the rate of sexual harassment in there going up. A priority for her is the homeless crisis going on and, from my own anecdotal experience, it would be nice to clean up the streets and for them to get the help they need.

Lastly, another key effort Nicole pointed out is that she doesn't want NYC to be a sanctuary city. This is HUGE. Mayor De Blasio won't even comply with the federal government in releasing criminal records of illegal immigrants (including felonies)! I think everyone can agree that a murderer, rapist, or pedophile deserves to be deported back to their country. But to have a mayor who won't release the criminal records to the federal government is very scary.

Vote for Nicole Malliotakis as she is literally the American dream, something we'd all love to achieve. A politician who actually has morals and humanity left in her.